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ESI TotalCare EAP offers more employee benefits & services than any other EAP

ESI offers the most comprehensive employee assistance program anywhere – our Peak Performance Benefits are redefining the EAP. We start with all the traditional EAP counseling services designed to address significant life problems and we add Work/Life benefits to address the everyday problems involved in juggling work and family. But that’s not all. We go one step further to deliver benefits designed to enhance quality of life not just for your employees and their family members, but for managers and supervisors, too. And we help all employees to achieve their Peak Performance best through training, coaching and wellness. Check the topics below to learn more.

  • Are alcohol or drugs causing problems in your life?

    Are alcohol or drugs causing problems in your life?

    Roughly one in every ten persons has an alcohol or drug abuse problem serious enough to interfere with work, with home life, or with health. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg because every problem drinker or substance abuser also has a negative effect on a circle of people around them. Virtually all of …

  • Family Matters

    Family Matters

    When home and family life is balanced and going well, life is
    good – but when there are problems at home, it is almost impossible not to have those issues take a toll at work, too. A sick child, an elderly parent, a troubled teen or a household budget problem — any of these issues can preoccupy our thoughts and …

  • When depression persists…

    When depression persists…

    It’s common to hear people talk about being depressed. Usually, when people say this, they are talking about feeling sad or bad about a temporary or situational event. Clinical depression is different than the sadness we feel after a bad event. It is a crippling condition that can last for weeks, months, even for years. …

  • Help at your fingertips 24 /7

    Help at your fingertips 24 /7

    Sometimes, problems seem worst late at night. If one of our members or one of their family members is facing a significant personal problem, they can call for assistance anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Day or night, our lines are staffed by experienced counselors with a Master’s or PH.D degree. And …

  • Pets are family members, too!

    Pets are family members, too!

    We love our pets! Nearly two-thirds of all U.S. households have a pet. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, more than 37% of all U.S. households have a pet dog and 32% have a pet cat – some have more than one. And that doesn’t even figure in horses, birds, and a variety of …

  • Mediation Services

    Mediation Services

    New! Resolve difficult employment-related disputes – avoid lawsuits!
    We have partnered with MWI, a leading mediation and arbitration service, to offer a 15% discount on hourly services to our member organizations.

    Employment related disputes can be time consuming, distracting and morale draining. They can also be costly. Preparing for a discrimination case can range from $10,000 to …

  • Reduce your stress

    Reduce your stress

    A little bit of stress in our lives is normal and can be a good thing – it keeps us engaged and enables us to meet challenges. But sometimes, life’s challenges can result in ongoing stress which interferes with sleep, work, and general enjoyment of life. When stress continues without relief, it can pose problems …

  • The burden of being a caregiver

    The burden of being a caregiver

    About one in every six people is a caregiver – for an aging parent, a special needs family member, or a wounded veteran. Many caregivers are aging themselves – about 30% fall in this category. Many others are sandwiched between caring for elderly relatives and providing child care, a double burden. Most caregivers are employed …

  • The challenges of military deployment

    The challenges of military deployment

    Serving our nation in a military capacity is one of the most patriotic things a person can do – but it is not without its challenges for the service member and his or her family: Pre-deployment planning, family separation issues, money management, spouse employment, stress, parenting and child care, relocation, reunion and reacclimation and, all …

  • In over your head with debt?

    In over your head with debt?

    Money worries are a terrible burden to carry. And debt can creep up on anyone. Even the most financially disciplined people can be sideswiped by the costs of illness, job loss, rising mortgage rates or kids in or approaching college. And here’s the insidious thing about debt: once you find yourself in the hole, it …

Peak Performance Benefits

Traditionally, EAPs provide counseling services to help employees resolve their problems and return to full productivity. That’s been our core service at ESI EAP and we’ve done it well: We provide more benefits to employees, get higher utilization, deliver better results, and earn higher satisfaction ratings. We can also help maximize the productivity of all your employees. Studies have shown that 4 out of 5 employees are not performing at peak levels. To address that, we have developed Peak Performance Benefits, which include:

ESI Provides more Management Services

We have redefined the EAP concept to include an entire menu of management-focused solutions to help you minimize costs and maximize productivity. Here are just some of the solutions.

ESI Offers Industry Specific EAP Products


Public Safety EAP

Public Safety EAP is designed specifically for police, firefighters, correctional officers, emergency medical personnel and

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Higher Education EAP

Higher Education EAP is designed to specifically address unique issues facing professors and higher education staff both on and

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Educators’ EAP

Educator’s EAP is designed to specifically address issues that educators face both on and off the job. We offer the most

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Healthcare EAP

Healthcare EAP is designed to specifically address unique issues facing personnel in the healthcare industry. These include hospital

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