• Every member of the ESI staff is committed to providing the very best Employee Assistance benefits and continuously improving the services we offer.
  • We provide the most benefits and services of any EAP. And we deliver the highest level of utilization, helping improve the performance of every Organization and Member we serve.
  • We maintain the highest professional standards.
  • I guarantee same-day response and resolution for all Client, Member, and Colleague issues whenever possible; or provide progress updates until the matter is resolved.
  • I greet Clients, Members and Colleagues in a positive and friendly manner; I answer the phone with a smile.
  • My internal and external communication is open, honest and conducive to feedback.
  • I demonstrate respect for every person with whom I interact; Client, Member or Colleague.
  • I take responsibility for all my actions. And those actions are governed by honesty, integrity and the highest ethical standards.

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