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Why is ESI EAP utilization triple that of other EAPs?

When measuring an EAP’s effectiveness, utilization is a key metric. It’s simple. If your employees aren’t getting the help they need to resolve problems and issues that sap their productivity, you just aren’t getting your money’s worth. Each month, we meet with Client HR Directors to talk about their EAP. One question that is often asked is why ESI’s utilization is so much higher than that of their prior EAP vendor.

Why ESI Employee Coaching Programs Are So Important

Several years ago, our ESI clinical staff recognized a fundamental need to increase the breadth of services our clinicians were providing our Members.Our counselors were delivering impressive results with the highest level of satisfaction of any other EAP. Members who availed themselves of counseling services reported over 98% satisfaction with their experience. But it became apparent to us that there was a whole segment of the employee population whose needs were not fully addressed and who weren’t getting the depth of the assistance that they needed.

Not all Employee Assistance Counseling Is the Same

For over a decade, ESI Employee Assistance Group has been routinely measuring employee satisfaction with the counseling services each employee has received. Over this time, we have maintained a consistent record of 98%+ Member satisfaction. There are several reasons why we’ve achieved these extraordinary results.

The Key to Employee Satisfaction & Engagement: Personal & Professional Development

The ability for employees of all levels in an organization to grow, both personally and professionally, is a key component to employee satisfaction, engagement and retention. This is particularly true for Millennial workers, a generation that is often characterized as obsessed with self-improvement.

Preventing Workplace Sexual Harassment in the #MeToo Era

With #MeToo sexual harassment issues proliferating across multiple industries, Senior Managers and Human Resources staff must prepare for sexual harassment issues to hit their organization. All too often senior managers underestimate the potential damage brought on by a single sexual harassment claim. A simple allegation can be devastating to an employer.

Best Practices for Hiring & Interviewing

Getting “the right stuff” in your new hires means taking the time to do things rightIf we’ve heard it once, we’ve heard it a million times: “Our people are our most important asset.”” Business consultant and author Jim Collins would disagree. “People are not your most important asset,” he says. “The right people are.”

Not All EAPs are Created Equal

Not All EAPs are Created Equal-177x200
Misconception: Most EAPs are Essentially the Same—Little Difference Other Than CostLike most benefits professionals, you may have concluded that most EAPs offer the same benefits with little differentiation other than cost. After all, how much difference can there be between one EAP and another?Learn More

New Solutions for HR’s Biggest Challenges

New Solutions Hr's Biggest Challenge-177x200
Recently a leading US benefits broker* conducted a study among more than 400 senior Human Resources and Finance executives at mid-sized employers. The purpose of the study was to identify their key employee benefits priorities and concerns.Employee Productivity and Wellness and overall Benefit Costs were identified as the top two employer concerns.

Heightened EAP Communications Improve Productivity and the Return on your Investment

EAP Heightened Communications Better Utilization-177x200

EAP services offer organizations a high return on investment if properly promoted and utilized. If employees are spending close to 3 weeks of time at work dealing with personal issues as research shows, even a small reduction in that productivity loss will more than offset the cost of your EAP program. But with many EAPs, there’s a sizeable utilization gap representing untapped productivity loss reduction potential for employers – not to mention the burdens that could be eased for the respective employees by problem resolution.

The Leaking Bucket

Unrecognized productivity losses cost employers over $3,000 per employee per year. Our experience in dealing with thousands of employers over more than 30 years tells us that productivity losses related to employee personal problems is an issue that is typically not on the CEO’s radar. Most don’t even recognize it as an issue; those who do consistently underestimate the true cost to their organization represented by employees who are coping with a personal or a life problem. Yet this issue affects productivity in a profound way, resulting in substantial losses.

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See What ESI EAP Clients are Saying!

"ESI is the best EAP program I have worked with. I made the move to ESI with a previous employer over 5 years ago and was continually impressed with their support, resources, and response time. When I became employed at the Co-op, one of the first things I did was move the Co-op to ESI for EAP resources. The resources available to staff and their families is in excess of any other EAP. I highly recommend the ESI Team!"

Mary Saritelli, Director of Human Resources
Co-op Food Stores

"The EAP program has been so beneficial to our staff that we now include their video introducing the program to our new hire’s first day of Orientation. Our ESI representative, Karen, is wonderful. She is responsive to our questions and has graciously been the speaker at a recent All Staff Meeting to continue to spread the word about the benefits of EAP. I cannot say enough good things about our experience with ESI and highly recommend them."

Lori O’Connor, Human Resources Generalist
Lake Sunapee Region VNA & Hospice

"ESI is above and beyond the best Employee Assistance Program that I have worked with. They provide an abundance of very useful materials along with a wealth of educational and training resources which our company has been increasingly utilizing and finding exceptionally beneficial. Karen Allen is so proactive and consistently keeping us abreast of changes, new offerings, as well as support and data usage reporting. I highly recommend ESI, you won’t be disappointed."

Shelly Bragg, VP Human Resources

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