ESI Delivers More Help for HR Managers

SPHR Consultants: ESI is the only EAP to offer a team of Certified Senior Professionals in Human Resources (SPHR) and senior clinical counselors to assist your managers with individual personnel issues.

HR Resource Center: ESI offers a robust HR and Supervisor Resource Center with resources for FMLA, Drug-Free Workplace, DOT Testing, Sexual Harassment, the Affordable Care Act, Workplace & Domestic Violence Resources and Training.

Administrative Referral Program: Our Administrative Referral Program is a formal process to address employee policy violations and unacceptable job performance. This process is geared to work with HR in conjunction with a progressive discipline process. Over 65% of referred employees have been restored to productivity through this program.

Trauma Response Service: If your organization experiences a serious traumatic event, a trained response team is available. We provide on-site intervention by a senior counselor with special expertise in dealing with traumatic events.

Drug-Free Workplace and DOT Compliance Programs: Most employers recognize the value of maintaining a drug-free workplace. Drug-Free Workplace and Department of Transportation (DOT) Drug-Free Workplace Compliance both require creating a Drug-Free Workplace policy, conducting alcohol and substance abuse awareness training, and offering treatment options for employees abusing drugs in the workplace. Our consultants guide and assist in the development of a comprehensive program.

Background Search: Sometimes the best management assistance we can provide is to help employers identify inappropriate employees before they are hired. Screening is conducted by an ESI partner company that offers clients superior screening results at a preferred rate.

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