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What is the ESI Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?

ESI’s EAP is a comprehensive employee benefit program with a wide array of tools and services designed to improve the lives of its member employees and their families. While traditional EAPs offer counseling and work-life benefits, ESI EAP offers these plus one-to-one coaching, thousands of training courses, wellness benefits, self-help resources, and much more. Just as health insurance is a benefit that addresses physical health needs, ESI EAP addresses emotional and mental health needs, as well as fostering personal and professional development. It’s a comprehensive and confidential program paid for by employers.

I haven’t heard of ESI before. Are you a new company?

ESI is one of the country;s longest running EAPs with over 35 years in business. We represent more than 2,500 employers and over 1,500,000 member employees and their families across the country.

My company is small – what size and type of companies do you work with?

Our current clients range from a 10-employee start-up company to Fortune 500 companies. We work with virtually every type of industry, including both public and private companies; profit and not-for profit organizations; municipalities, union and non-union companies.

What is the employer cost for your services?

The cost for our program is based on several variables, including your employee census and other factors we’d be happy to discuss so we could offer specific pricing for your organizations. It is a surprisingly affordable and hard-working benefit. We’d love to talk to you – please call 1-800-535-4841 to speak with a marketing service representative.

What is the employee cost for using EAP services?

There is no cost to member employees for using our services. ESI EAP is prepaid by employers as a benefit to employees and eligible family members. Members can learn more about available services by calling the counseling line or logging in to the Self-Help Resource Center at www.theEAP.com.

While your EAP will address many issues, some life problems may require the help of outside professionals and we might refer to other service providers such as attorneys or a local behavioral health professional. External service providers might entail fees.

Are there any issues not covered through the EAP?

Actions against the employer, evaluations requested by a 3rd party such as a driving under the influence assessment or court ordered/court related cases (examples: family law issues, vehicular accidents, and medical malpractice claims), psychological evaluations such as ADHD, treatment programs, and Fitness for Duty evaluations.

How do members know if your services cover their problem?

They can call us! Our professional counselors will help with any problems that members may be experiencing. If it’s a problem that our services don’t cover, we can point them in the right direction.

Are services available for non-English speaking employees?

Yes! We have telephonic translation services available to assist anyone who doesn’t speak English.

When we begin working with a new client, we request that employers identify any languages spoken by their workforce so we can plan resources accordingly.

Will my employer know if members use your services?

No. Our EAP is totally confidential, and employers won’t even know that individual employees are using our services. No personal information – including names – is shared with anyone without written permission.

(In accordance with applicable state laws, there may be exceptions for certain reports of child, elder and abuse of a disabled person or significant threats to your safety or the safety of others.)

How do employers know if EAP benefits are being utilized?

While our services are totally confidential on an individual basis, we provide a complete set of aggregate service reports to employers with 25 or more employees. Reports address overall benefit utilization, such as how many employees used our services in each period, and which type of services were used.

How do employees know about your services?

We provide introductory tools to orient both managers and employees to EAP benefits. These include brochures and videos that employers can distribute to their employees, as well as introductory letters that can be issued by senior staff or HR managers. On an ongoing basis, we provide monthly newsletters that highlight benefits.

We work with HR to deploy an ongoing communication program that is best for each organization’s needs. For example, we provide a variety of topical brochures and flyers on request. We also supply regular drafts of benefit communications. These reminders can be issued by senior staff or HR as letters or articles for your newsletters or Intranet. ESI also features a proprietary Automated Digital Communications System. Through this optional employer service, we can help manage ongoing EAP communications and reminders to employees directly.

Who can use the EAP?

EAP services are available to all employees and any of their family members residing in their homes, as well as dependents up to age 26. For any further questions about family eligibility, give us a call.

How do members access EAP services?

ESI EAP services are available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. There are several convenient ways to access our services:

By phone: Dial 1-800-252-4555. (both voice and TTD services.)  Calling during standard business hours ensures access to a variety of resources.

Online: Members can log in to Self-Help Resources in our password-protected site at www.theEAP.com. From there, members can connect to us via an online request form.

How do members make appointments to meet with a counselor?

Many issues receive help via consultation with our telephonic counseling. In some cases, a referral for face-to-face counseling is appropriate. EAP phone counselors will walk a caller through options and provide referrals to providers who have confirmed ability to help you.

What if there are questions or problems with your website?

E-mail tech or website questions or problems to our webmaster using our Contact Us Form.

Do you have a Drug-Free Workplace program?

We offer a wide range of resources to help employers establish a drug-free workplace, from sample policies and programs to online training for both supervisors and employees. We also offer tools and information to help employers comply with laws on substance abuse testing and training requirements for DOT “safety sensitive” employees.

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See What ESI EAP Clients are Saying!

"ESI is the best EAP program I have worked with. I made the move to ESI with a previous employer over 5 years ago and was continually impressed with their support, resources, and response time. When I became employed at the Co-op, one of the first things I did was move the Co-op to ESI for EAP resources. The resources available to staff and their families is in excess of any other EAP. I highly recommend the ESI Team!"

Mary Saritelli, Director of Human Resources
Co-op Food Stores

"The EAP program has been so beneficial to our staff that we now include their video introducing the program to our new hire’s first day of Orientation. Our ESI representative, Karen, is wonderful. She is responsive to our questions and has graciously been the speaker at a recent All Staff Meeting to continue to spread the word about the benefits of EAP. I cannot say enough good things about our experience with ESI and highly recommend them."

Lori O’Connor, Human Resources Generalist
Lake Sunapee Region VNA & Hospice

"ESI is above and beyond the best Employee Assistance Program that I have worked with. They provide an abundance of very useful materials along with a wealth of educational and training resources which our company has been increasingly utilizing and finding exceptionally beneficial. Karen Allen is so proactive and consistently keeping us abreast of changes, new offerings, as well as support and data usage reporting. I highly recommend ESI, you won’t be disappointed."

Shelly Bragg, VP Human Resources

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