HealthCare EAP

HealthCare EAP is designed to specifically address unique issues facing personnel in the healthcare industry. These include hospital staff, nurses, doctors, aides, technicians, and support staff. We offer the most comprehensive benefit package available, and address issues that healthcare workers face both on and off the job. Our Peak Performance Benefits are redefining the EAP. We start with all the traditional EAP counseling services designed to address significant life problems and we add Work/Life benefits to address the everyday problems involved in juggling work and family. But that’s not all. We go one step further to deliver benefits designed to enhance quality of life not just for your employees and their family members, but for managers and supervisors, too. And we help all employees to achieve their Peak Performance best through training, coaching and wellness.

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  • Workplace Safety & Violence
  • Patient & Family Challenges
  • Money-Saving Tools & Tips for HealthCare Workers
  • Cultural Competency, Health Literacy & Communication Challenges

More and more frequently, healthcare settings and healthcare staff are experiencing instances of violence.  The sources of violence may be many: external parties such as robbers or muggers, particularly those seeking drugs; agitated patients; friends and family members of patients; and coworkers in cases of bullying and lateral violence.  It’s important for healthcare workers to understand the potential and to learn ways to prevent violence and de-escalate potentially troublesome situations. This Resource Center discusses both the most common types of violence and offers tools and strategies for prevention.

  • Overview
  • Violence in Specific HealthCare Settings
  • General Prevention Resources
  • Dealing with Potentially Abusive/Violent Patients
  • Co-Workers: Lateral/Horizontal Violence and Bullying
  • Domestic Violence in the Workplace
  • Healthcare Violence in the News
  • PTSD, Recovery, and Grief Resources


Rarely do healthcare workers deal with patients in a vacuum. Family members, friends, and significant others play an important part in the care continuum and the patient’s healing process. Dealing with difficult, demanding, or disruptive family members can pose challenges. But even in cooperative and supportive situations, it can be stressful to have to convey bad, sad, or unwelcome news or to discuss sensitive or touchy topics with the patient’s support network. This Resource Center addresses many common challenges that healthcare workers can face when dealing with a patient’s family members.

  • Dealing with Difficult Patients
  • Family Challenges
  • Tackling Tough Topics: – Communicating Bad or Sad News – Death, Dying & End of Life Issues – Substance Abuse – Domestic Violence – Suicide – Touchy Topics


In today’s tough economy, healthcare workers are being forced to do more with less. To help meet this challenge, we offer budget tips, financial resources, and advice on money management. We’ve also linked to sources and advice for grants and educational assistance, as well as sources for data, research, and free or low-cost mobile apps.

  • Financial Tips and Advice
  • Budget Tips, Credit Advice, Money Management
  • The Nurses’ Investor Education Project
  • Grants and Assistance
  • Educational Financial Assistance
  • Free Data and Research
  • Free (or very Low-cost) Mobile Apps


A 2004 study by the Institute of Medicine reported that almost half of the country’s adult population is disconnected from the system because they are health illiterate.

Problems run the gamut: cultural and language barriers are common issues. Other problems may be associated with limited reading proficiency, age, disability, and other issues that impede communication or understanding.  This Resource Center offers tools, articles, and websites related to common communication and care delivery challenges faced by healthcare workers. Here are some of the topics covered:

  • Cultural Competence
  • Health Literacy
  • Language Barriers
  • Communicating with Patients Who Are Deaf
  • Patients with Disabilities
  • Other Patient Populations

Resource Library

Extreme Heat Toolkit

Extreme Heat Toolkit

Our extreme heat toolkit offers tips, tools, and resources to help you stay safe from extreme heat related risks. As we officially embark on the summer months, the National Weather Service has an important reminder when planning activities at home, at work, and on...

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Our Clients

Bank of Greene County

“Bank of Greene County has been using the EAP services of ESI since 2005. We couldn’t be happier. Not only are there services for our employees but also for us, the employer. We have used the Management Academy for our management team training and have used the Administrative Referral program to assist specific employees that we send or refer to the program for assistance in an area that they may be struggling with. Pre-employment screening is also offered at a very reduced price. The EAP has been very well received by our employees – there is the usual assistance with personal matters, family issues including child or elder care, work-related matters handled on a confidential basis and, of course, financial information including debt counseling. This is more than just an EAP. Plus the cost has been kept low and the results are high!! We give them a 5 star rating!!!”

Bank of Greene County

Page Southerland Page, Inc

“As the Director of Human Resources, I was looking for a comprehensive EAP program to meet our diverse needs. For more than two years now, ESI has exceeded our expectations by providing personalized and effective services.

Our utilization is up over our previous EAP – largely due to the excellent educational programs offered through ESI. Our employees are extremely pleased by the wide range of services offered and feedback continues to be positive. All matters are handled in a capable and confidential manner. I consider ESI to be a true leader in Employee Assistance Programs.”

Page Southerland Page, Inc

Cattaraugus – Allegany BOCES

“ESI has always responded to the needs of the Cattaraugus – Allegany BOCES in a prompt and professional manner. The employee assistance program has been an asset to our management personnel in dealing with sensitive employee issues that impact work performance. It also has been a vital resource to our employees when they needed a place to turn for assistance with a wide range of personal difficulties.”

Cattaraugus – Allegany BOCES

Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

“Higher Ed EAP has been a valuable resource for our employees, with a tremendous range of services. They understand the needs of our faculty and staff and work to provide individualized assistance. We are pleased with Higher Ed EAP as a partner in supporting our employees.”

Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

City of Saratoga Springs, Public Safety

“ESI continues to provide exceptional services to our organization. The team at ESI is always readily available to assist, and the training and counseling services are top notch!”

City of Saratoga Springs, Public Safety

Mestek, Inc.

“Our employees at Mestek have been so pleased with the offerings ESI provides. From administrative referrals to their online trainings, we find our level of participation with all the services available is above average, and especially when employees face serious life issues.

I have and will continue to recommend ESI as a premier provider of programs for all employee populations.”

Joanne Berwald, Senior Vice President, Human Resources
Mestek, Inc.

Illinois Wesleyan University

“We have worked with ESI for over 10 years and developed a great working relationship. Our employees appreciate the many resources available to them to navigate personal issues. Supervisors utilize the professional training courses offered.

We have found the administrative referral process very valuable for both employees and supervisors. When working through an administrative referral ESI staff is responsive, supportive, knowledgeable and keeps the HR staff informed throughout the process.”

Londa Dunlap, Assistant Director of Human Resources
Illinois Wesleyan University

Company Confidential

“I have been in Human Resources management for over thirty (30) years. I am so pleased to have partnered with ESI HealthCare EAP to be able to offer the most professional and comprehensive employee assistance program to our staff. This company and the service they consistently provide are unmatched in the industry. ESI is the best – there simply is no comparison.”

Ginger Frasca, Director of Human Resources
Company Confidential

Signet, LLC/UpNine, LLC

“ESI has been the Employee Assistance provider for Signet, LLC/UpNine, LLC for the past 10 years. Our employees have come to trust and rely on ESI to deliver quality care and resources in a confidential and professional manner. Each year we have seen our utilization rate continue to climb, to a rate of almost 43% last year. Like all companies, some of our employees will face difficult problems or circumstances in the coming year and not know where to turn. We recommend ESI to our team members without hesitation, knowing they can find assistance 24/7/365, whatever the issue.”

Signet, LLC/UpNine, LLC

Town of Burlington, MA

“I am proud to consider ESI Employee Assistance Group an extension of my Human Resources department. With the diverse nature of employees within a municipal environment, ESI demonstrates a deep understanding of the work that we perform as well as a genuine care for our employees’ needs both personally and professionally. The suite of services that ESI provides is second to none, and available to employees in the format that they are most comfortable with – online, over the phone, or face to face. I regularly advise our employees that whenever they come across an issue – large or small – that they need to address and don’t know where to start, they can’t go wrong with their first step being a phone call or online visit to ESI.”

Town of Burlington, MA

Massachusetts Technology Collaborative

“Here at MassTech, we recently switched our Employee Assistance Program over to ESI Employee Assistance Group, and we could not be more pleased. One of the things we value most about ESI is how proactive they are with our employees. Employees appreciate getting emails updating them on all that ESI has to offer.

Thank you for always being there when we have questions or need support. We look very forward to continuing our relationship with ESI!”

Massachusetts Technology Collaborative

Unitarian Universalist Association

“ESI Employee Assistance Group provides a superb and thorough set of counseling, financial, training, legal, wellness, and other services that our staff have come to rely on and trust. We continue to work with ESI year after year and trust that our staff are well cared for.”

Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA)

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