Better EAP Results Start with Better Clinical Counseling Services

Not all Employee Assistance Counseling Is the Same

ESI Employee Assistance Group has been routinely measuring employee satisfaction with the counseling services each employee has received; and we have maintained a consistent record of 98%+ Member satisfaction.

There are several reasons why we’ve achieved these extraordinary results. It begins with our overall objective: delivering the best possible counseling services to those we serve. Over our 35 years, we have honed and refined the counseling model to achieve superior outcomes.  Our model is rooted in a multidisciplinary approach that combines several elements.

  1. We only hire counselors with Master and PhD-level degrees and years of clinical experience.
  2. All calls from employees and their family members are answered directly by counselors.
    Generally, this is not industry practice. At most EAPs, phones are answered by operators
    rather than clinical professionals. That saves money, but the results are just not the same.
    When an employee calls for help, the need is immediate. Waiting two or three days for a
    response is unacceptable, particularly in a crisis. At ESI, qualified counselors answer every
    employee call, conduct a thorough triage to identify the caller’s needs, provide in-the-moment
    counseling, make referrals when appropriate, and manage all elements of the case through to a
    satisfactory conclusion.
  3. If the employee needs ongoing counseling, we refer within our extensive network of counselors
    available either for local in-person sessions or via telehealth video and telephone counseling.
  4. ESI is only EAP to add Peak Performance training and coaching to the counseling services.
    • Training – ESI maintains an extensive library of online trainings in personal and professional
      development. Counselors regularly prescribe trainings to help the employee learn to deal with
      their presenting issues more effectively. For example, our counselors regularly pair money
      management, conflict resolution, relationship building, and communication trainings with
      counseling to arrive at better problem resolution.
    • Coaching For many common life issues, we have found that professional, one-to-one coaching
      can be highly beneficial for many employees. This encompasses telephonic coaching from Certified
      Coaches combined with structured, online trainings in such topics as finance and debt, resilience,
      balancing work life, and more.

All of these proprietary services support our primary goal of providing the most effective, highest quality counseling.

The results? Our utilization and engagement rates are more than three times higher than the industry average. But the
real proof is in the simple fact that year over year, more than 98% of the employees we serve report high satisfaction with
the help they received from our counselors.

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