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ESI can lend a competitive edge to both your new and renewal business. Our TotalCare EAP offers more benefits and services for your clients and their employees.

Today, a strong EAP is more important than ever. HR executives report that high stress is wreaking havoc with productivity. With issues like pandemic fatigue, hybrid work, skyrocketing inflation, and global conflicts, employee stress and burnout are soaring.

ESI EAP can help. We offer your employers more than twice the benefits and better utilization than traditional EAPs. These benefits include:

• Premium in-the-moment counseling services with
Master and PhD level clinicians.

• Comprehensive online self-help resources.

• Thousands of premium trainings in compliance and
self-improvement, both on and off the job.

• One-on-one certified coaching in personal finance,
wellness, stress, and more.

• Supervisor support and resources for HR-related
issues and crises.

In addition, we have custom EAPs that serve a variety of sectors to address the specific workplace stressors of those industries.

These Include:
• Educators’ EAP
• Healthcare EAP
• Public Safety EAP
• Higher Ed EAP
• Union AP

ESI Employee Assistance Group has been delivering EAP services since 1987. We currently administer the EAP benefit for 2,100+ organizations and over 1,500,000 employee members throughout the US and Canada. In addition to providing the broadest menu of employee assistance benefits, we are committed to delivering the very highest level of service. Every year for the last 10 years, our EAPs have earned a 98+% member satisfaction and renewal rate.

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See What Our Clients are Saying!

"ESI is the best EAP program I have worked with. I made the move to ESI with a previous employer over 5 years ago and was continually impressed with their support, resources, and response time. When I became employed at the Co-op, one of the first things I did was move the Co-op to ESI for EAP resources. The resources available to staff and their families is in excess of any other EAP. I highly recommend the ESI Team!"

Mary Saritelli, Director of Human Resources
Co-op Food Stores

"The EAP program has been so beneficial to our staff that we now include their video introducing the program to our new hire’s first day of Orientation. Our ESI representative, Karen, is wonderful. She is responsive to our questions and has graciously been the speaker at a recent All Staff Meeting to continue to spread the word about the benefits of EAP. I cannot say enough good things about our experience with ESI and highly recommend them."

Lori O’Connor, Human Resources Generalist
Lake Sunapee Region VNA & Hospice

"ESI is above and beyond the best Employee Assistance Program that I have worked with. They provide an abundance of very useful materials along with a wealth of educational and training resources which our company has been increasingly utilizing and finding exceptionally beneficial. Karen Allen is so proactive and consistently keeping us abreast of changes, new offerings, as well as support and data usage reporting. I highly recommend ESI, you won’t be disappointed."

Shelly Bragg, VP Human Resources

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