Your EAP Benefits

Getting help is simple. You can call the EAP 24/7 to reach a professional counselor

We offer employees more.

When an employee or family members faces a significant personal problem, they can call for assistance at any time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our lines are staffed by experienced counselors with a Master’s or Ph.D. degree. If a referral is needed, we have a provider network with over 40,000 counselors.

Our Employee Benefits Include…

Telephonic Counseling

Telephonic counseling is available 24/7 with Masters and Ph.D. clinical counselors who provide in-the-moment counseling and referral to local resources.

All employees and their immediate family members are eligible for telephonic counseling and short-term, in-person counseling. Immediate family members are defined as spouse, children, life partner, or anyone who lives with the employee. Dependent children up to age 26 are also covered.

Personal Counseling

All counseling services start with a phone call or an online click 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Experienced counselors–not call center staff–provide immediate help. These Masters and Ph.D. level clinical counselors help assess your problems and issues. Often, they can resolve the issues, but if not, they will refer you to face-to-face counseling with a local counselor for additional help. We’ve built a referral network of more than 40,000 private practice providers located throughout the U.S. and Canada to supplement our proprietary counseling services. In addition, our Member website offers private access to thousands of articles, assessments, videos, and information resources.

Peak Performance Coaching

Achieve your life goals at work and at home! These benefits include one-on-one telephonic coaching from Certified Coaches combined with structured, online trainings. Coaching is delivered by Masters or Ph.D. level Coaches in scheduled telephonic coaching sessions to review key concepts of the trainings and implementation of skills. Coaches use a solution-focused approach to improve current and future performance.

  • Certified Financial Coaching
  • Balancing Life at Work and Home Coaching
  • Resilience Coaching
  • Effective Communication Coaching
  • Home Purchase Coaching
  • Certified Student Debt Coaching
  • Yoga & Relaxation for Beginners
  • Workplace Conflict Coaching
  • Retirement Coaching
  • Succeeding as a Supervisor Coaching

Legal Services

Professional legal services are provided for issues not related to employment or medical concerns. Members will receive a free legal consultation per legal issue with an attorney. Should a Member need to retain an attorney, a referral is made to a private attorney who specializes in the area of need.  A 25% discount is applied to legal services billed at an hourly rate if the attorney is retained.

We also offer an extensive legal library which includes Will templates, hundreds of forms for issues including, but not limited to:  consumer, creditor, healthcare, childcare, eldercare, landlord/tenant issues and pet agreements. It also contains contract samples and hundreds of articles.

Personal Finance & Education

Comprehensive professional credit counseling is available to assist employees in developing a budget and/or debt restructuring plans.

ESI provides no-cost financial consultation services to our Members with CPAs and Certified Financial Planners. Typical matters include tax planning, retirement and college planning questions.  Financial planners can be retained at a discounted monthly rate.

ESI has internet based services available such as financial calculators, budget templates, trainings and an entire resource center, Tools for Tough Times, to help our Members cope with today’s financial pressures.

We also offer a Personal Finance & Education Center that includes more than 200 online courses covering a wide range of money issues.

Child & Elder Care

ESI provides unlimited consultation and referral service for elder and child care needs.  Members are given access to specialists who assess each Members’ individual circumstances and provide support, education, and appropriate referrals.

Caregiver Benefits

Caregiving can be one of life’s most challenging issues.  With Caregiver Benefits, Members can access counselors with special training to get help finding local resources and information on medical and home care needs.

Training & Personal Development

The Personal Development Program is designed to help employees balance their work and personal life. Offering tutorials, exercises and worksheets, the program helps employees assess personal skills, objectives and goals. In addition, there are over 50 training modules that help employees develop their skills in a host of work and life areas.

The ESI Management Academy is an entire curriculum of online training programs that promote the key management skills every manager needs to succeed in a supervisory role. Certificates are available for those who complete the training modules. There are 46 courses arranged in the following four curriculum levels: Regulatory Compliance; Core Competencies; Advanced Supervisory Skills; and Team Leadership

Self-help Resources

Members can access over 25,000 self-help resources to deal with personal problems or to improve their personal and professional lives.

  • Personal finance resources and training
  • Wills and other legal templates
  • Over 150 financial calculators
  • Management development training
  • Over 900 Health/Wellness videos
  • Child/Elder Care resources and locators
  • Home ownership and mortgages
  • Cancer, diabetes and other illnesses
  • Taxes and the IRS Issues
  • Coaching options
  • Physical health assessments
  • Consumer rights and resources
  • Lifestyle benefits to improve health and wellness
  • Hundreds of personal and professional trainings

Wellness Center

The Wellness Resource Center contains the latest, most reliable articles, videos and self-assessments for dealing with stress, diet, fitness and smoking. As employees increase their knowledge and understanding of these topics, they can greatly reduce their health risks and increase their overall wellbeing. All employees of the organization and their immediate family members are eligible to utilize these valuable resources.

Lifestyle Benefits

Lifestyle Benefits include a menu of value-added wellness and personal development services designed to enhance a Member’s quality of life. By harnessing the aggregate power of hundreds of thousands of Members, we are able to negotiate special rates and discounts. Available benefits may vary by season and geography and are accessible from ESI’s website or by calling our 800 number.

Personal Assistant

Everyday issues can disrupt an employee’s productivity. Members can call or email ESI’s Personal Assistant for help with day-to-day problems. Help is available for hundreds of issues, including:

  • Finding a local medical or dental provider
  • Consumer law and consumer rights
  • Scholarships and financial aid
  • Summer camp options

Stress Assessment & Services

Virtually every employee suffers from some degree of stress. Employees with acute stress can enter a specialized Stress Assessment and remediation program. The program components include:

  • A thorough assessment
  • Identification of critical stressors
  • Counseling intervention
  • Stress reduction strategies tailored to the Member’s specific needs

Adoption Counseling

With Adoption Benefits, Members can access an adoption counselor to get help through the various stages and types of adoptions.  Members receive an adoption guide and referrals to adoption agencies, attorneys and adoption support organizations. An adoption specialist provides ongoing counseling throughout the adoption process.

Special Needs Children

ESI also provides Special Needs Benefits for Members who have a child with special needs. A special needs counselor conducts a full needs assessment, discusses options, makes referrals to community resources – and provides ongoing counseling and support.

Pet Information

We’ve compiled an online Pet Help Resource Center that offers a centralized location for resources and help. It features links and articles on a variety of pet-related matters and our pet care specialists can answer questions regarding pet health, behavior and training.


Members have the convenience and privacy of 24/7 access to all EAP benefits and services at their fingertips wherever they go via the EAP smartphone app. The app offers all the same great tools, benefits and resources that are accessible via computer, but in a more mobile-friendly format. The app is downloadable free for iOS and Android.

Work/Life Benefits

Juggling work with the demands of family and personal issues can be difficult. With our Work/Life Benefits, employees can access help and expert resources to address the challenges and concerns of daily living. Some of the most common Work/Life issues that our Members face are:

• Child care and daycare
• Aging issues and elder care
• Health and wellness
• Legal problems and family law
• Debt and debt restructuring
• Financial planning
• Education and tuition planning
• Real estate and tenant/landlord concerns
• Estate planning, probate and wills

Wellness Coaching

Employees engaging with a Wellness Coach improve their health and ultimately reduce health care costs. Almost two-thirds of Members who engage with a Coach ultimately reach their wellness goals.

Wellness Coaching includes:

  • One-on-one coaching and counseling from an integrated team of coaches and clinicians
  • Coaching for Fitness, Nutrition, Weight Loss, Stress, Tobacco Cessation and Drugs & Alcohol
  • Frequent messages via our Automated Digital Communication System to create employee awareness of behavioral health risks

Our Clients

Hallkeen Management, Inc.

“Thank you for providing helpful assistance to our employees.  ESI has been such a great resource for our employees, thanks for all you do!”

Hallkeen Management, Inc.

Summit Federal Credit Union

“The Summit Federal Credit Union has worked with ESI since 1984 and I am extremely impressed with the level of support, responsiveness, expertise and overall service provided to the credit union and to our employees. With their guidance and partnership, we have successfully implemented, or plan to implement, solutions that will continue to make a positive impact on our organizational culture. ESI is extremely easy for our employees to work with, too. The staff at ESI is caring and compassionate. They have always handled employee situations on a priority basis and in a highly confidential manner. I am very pleased to be working with ESI. ”

Summit Federal Credit Union

Central MA Collaborative

“Since joining ESI in 2009 the Central MA Collaborative employees have found invaluable resources and training to help deal with work and life challenges. The EAP has helped us establish a successful program allowing our staff to find assistance to both administrative and personal issues. We have been pleasantly surprised to find such prompt response to issues at any time day or night.”

Central MA Collaborative

Cattaraugus-Allegany-Erie-Wyoming BOCES

“ESI has always responded to the needs of the Cattaraugus-Allegany BOCES in a prompt and professional manner. The employee assistance program has been an asset to our management personnel in dealing with sensitive employee issues that impact work performance. It also has been a vital resource to our employees when they needed a place to turn for assistance with a wide range of personal difficulties.”

Cattaraugus-Allegany-Erie-Wyoming BOCES

Whirley Industries

“At Whirley-DrinkWorks!, we feel that ESI clearly sets the standard for a “business partner.”

Our utilization rate for the Employee Assistance Program is high across all categories of services and we attribute that to the excellent services and reputation ESI has established with our TeamMates. ESI exceeds expectation through their service, professionalism, training and care they take with each individual who reaches out for assistance.

ESI continues to go above and beyond by offering flexible schedules to allow our TeamMates to get help at any time. They also provide valuable service to our supervisors and management staff going above and beyond normal training. Our organization is very satisfied and would recommend ESI based off of their professionalism and “people focus.” ”

Beth Pellegrino – HR Director

Whirley Industries

EYP Architecture & Engineering, P.C.

“As the Director of Human Resources, I was looking for a comprehensive EAP program to meet our diverse needs. For more than two years now, ESI has exceeded our expectations by providing personalized and effective services.

Our utilization is up over our previous EAP – largely due to the excellent educational programs offered through ESI. Our employees are extremely pleased by the wide range of services offered and feedback continues to be positive. All matters are handled in a capable and confidential manner. I consider ESI to be a true leader in Employee Assistance Programs.”

EYP Architecture & Engineering, P.C.

Academic Travel Abroad, Inc.

“I have been very impressed by the quality and variety of services provided by ESI. They span much more than the traditional counseling services provided by an EAP, and they seem to be adding at least one or two new services each year. Our employees are one call away from an answer to a weight loss question, a pet care issue or a legal concern.”

Academic Travel Abroad, Inc.

Rochester Midland Corporation

“Rochester Midland Corporation has worked with ESI since 2001. We have always received immediate and appropriate response when we have needed their services. Our employees have been impressed with the level of service they receive when they are in need. The ESI Personal Development online training programs are an excellent benefit and are often “required” training for specific subject matter. The website is easy to navigate and full of useful information for both employees and their families.

The counseling staff is knowledgeable and compassionate. They have always handled employee situations in a highly confidential manner. Thank you ESI!”

Rochester Midland Corporation

Freedom Credit Union

Some of the comments heard by employees are: I don’t know what we would have done if we didn’t have them to turn to My daughter is doing so much better at home and at school thanks to the assistance I received from our EAP. They really made me feel comfortable and like I was being heard and, What a wonderful benefit, thank you so much for providing this!” Our employees have had nothing but good things to say about their experiences with ESI.

ESI is always responsive and helpful whether to our employees calls, my requests, or even during robbery response/counseling. In fact we are about to utilize their services for our mandatory on-site Anti-Sexual Harassment Training. Their monthly newsletters are packed with important information relative to their services and serve as a reminder to our employees that ESI is just a phone call away.”

Freedom Credit Union

The Bank of Greene County

“The Bank of Greene County has been using the EAP services of ESI since 2005. We couldn’t be happier. Not only are there services for our employees but also for us, the employer. We have used the Management Academy for our management team training and have used the Administrative Referral program to assist specific employees that we send or refer to the program for assistance in an area that they may be struggling with. Pre-employment screening is also offered at a very reduced price. The EAP has been very well received by our employees – there is the usual assistance with personal matters, family issues including child or elder care, work-related matters handled on a confidential basis and, of course, financial information including debt counseling. This is more than just an EAP. Plus the cost has been kept low and the results are high!! We give them a 5 star rating!!!”

The Bank of Greene County

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