Did you miss any of the HR Web Cafe Blog Top 20 posts in 2018?

Wondering what the most popular HR topics were in 2018? These 20 posts from ESI EAP’s HR Web Cafe blog and from our Wellness blog proved the most popular among our readers in terms of logging the most views. About half of these were new postings made over the last 12 months; the rest are posts from our archives that have had consistent popular appeal.

Planning terminations that involve potentially violent employees

Your 2018 Holiday Survival Toolkit

FMLA update for 2018: Tips & Tools

Supervisor’s Guide to Dealing with a Grieving Employee

Prescription Drug Guidelines: What employers need to know

Squirrel Hill tragedy: Responding to traumatic events

Employee Lawsuits: Costs, types of suits and 2017 employment law issues in review

When it comes to a healthy diet, the secret is in the details

Corporate fitness programs: 20 at-work ideas that won’t break the budget

How should HR deal with #MeToo harassment issues in the workplace?

Test your nonverbal communication skills

Annoying Colleagues: A Taxonomy of Troublemakers

Smoking Cessation Programs in the Workplace

Onboarding is the first step in employee engagement

What does a day’s worth of food look like?

Compassion Fatigue: The high toll of caring

New studies show how to live a long, healthy life

Accommodating transgender employees in the workplace

Leadership lessons from a 4-star general: Listen, learn … then lead

The Marshmallow Challenge: An exercise in collaboration


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