We rely on our words to communicate but effective communication requires us to be perception about nonverbal communication, too. Take this test to see how you good you are at reading nonverbal cues.

How well do you pick up on nonverbal cues in people? Take the Reading the Mind in the Eyes Test. This test was developed by Simon Baron-Cohen at the University of Cambridge in 1997 and then revised in 2001. You will be shown 37 pictures showing just the eyes part of people’s faces. You will be asked to guess what emotion these eyes are showing. You’ll also be asked a few basic questions about yourself and your computer use.

You can learn more about the “eyes test” at Psych Tutor. It’s been used in a number of studies over the years, although there has been some criticism leveled that it is gender biased due to a restricted range of female images and expressions.

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