Looking to add a little excitement to your organization’s wellness program and to engage your employees? Trying to find a new way to deliver the message and cut through the clutter? Consider using Pinterest as a communication tool. Pinterest is a “virtual pinboard” that lets you organize and share cool things you find on the web. Because it’s a visual medium, it lends itself to quick web browsing. Think of a Pinterest page as a virtual collage. You find content that you like on the web and you “pin it” in a “board,” which is a topical collection of pins. You could use it to offer nutrition and healthy eating tips, information on health observances such as breast cancer awareness month, and tips for exercise and fitness.
Take a look at a few good health & wellness resources on Pinterest to get a better idea:
TV Doc and health guru Dr. Oz shares recipes, fitness tips, and information on healthy foods.
A Knoxville, TN wellness clinic, Provision Health & Wellness, shares recipes, fitness tips, food facts, and more.
Preventionmag from the health magazine of the same name offers tips from experts on weight loss, fitness, health, nutrition, recipes, healthy aging, and diets.
fitsugar offers workout routines, and boards on running and cycling.
The Daily Meal offers a health and wellness board
Whole Living magazine has an emphasis on healthy foods and green living.
Of course, there are other themes that would lend themselves to Pinterest, such as work/life balance, productivity tips, leadership, and more. You can include content from other Pinterest users, from websites, and from free government sources like the CDC, OSHA and the Department of Labor. Another good source of content are even HR Infographics.
You can learn more about Pinterest in their getting started guide. Pinterest for Business offers a business library of tools, tutorials, and resources focused on business use of Pinterest.


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