One of the most frequently sought pages on our blog – sought by both our own client members and by Google searchers alike – is our post on planning terminations that involve potentially violent employees. This tells us that supervisors and HR managers are on the lookout for effective tools and advice for managing, interacting with and firing volatile, angry and potentially violent employees. The advice in our post still stands so if you haven’t yet read it, we think it’s worthwhile. It might merit a bookmark so that you have it handy. Based on the frequency of searches, we’ve compiled new resources on the topic that might also be helpful.

1O Best Tools for Workplace Violence Prevention

Dealing With a Hostile Employee: Avoiding Workplace Violence

How To Deal With a Troubled and/or Potentially Violent Co-Worker or Employee – How to Recognize the Signs of Emotional Instability and/or Potential For Violence

How to recognize workplace violence warning signs

Violence in the Workplace – Warning Signs

Workplace Violence: 12 Signs Of A Dangerous Person

Dealing With Angry Employees

How to Deal with Angry Employees

The Paranoid Employee – Problem Behaviors, Interviewing Tips, and Violence Risk Factors

Firing Violent Employees Safely




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