Ta-da List – the web’s easiest to-do list tool. It’s free and you can make lists just for yourself or share them with others. If you would like to manage multiple to-do lists, try the tabbed listaculous. One of the best things about these web-based tools is that you can access them from anywhere.
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Marker board walls – need lots of space to jot down ideas in those brainstorming meetings? Kevin Kelly’s Cool Tools gives you a rundown on available options from cheap tile board to upscale ceramic-coated metal.
Get Things Done Flowchart
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Get Human allows you to bypass automated telephonic self-help filtering systems at hundreds of companies to speak directly to a human customer service representative. If you’ve ever been shuffled back and forth at a giant telco, retailer, or bank, this list might cut your waiting time and frustration.
Google tips and tricks
If you are simply using Google for basic searches, you are missing a lot of utilities. The following tips list just a few of the handy ways you can use Google.
Check local weather
To see weather conditions and a four-day forecast for a particular U.S. or worldwide location, type “weather,” followed by the location or the zip code.
Examples: weather 01778 or weather Paris
Check the time at a remote location
Enter the word time and the location in the search box.
Example: time London
Track flight status and weather conditions
Enter the airline and flight number in the search box.
Example: United 535
To check airport weather conditions and delays, type the airport’s three letter code followed by the word “airport”
Example: Bos airport
Convert currency
Enter the amount of US dollars and the desired currency in the search box.
Example: 50 US dollars to euros
Specific site search
To restrict your search to one particular site, first enter the term you want to search for, then the word site followed by a colon followed by the site you want to search.
Example: wellness site:www.hrwebcafe.com
Links back
Find out what other sites link to a web page. Enter link:websiteURL into the search box.
Example: link:www.hrwebcafe.com
Type ‘define’ followed by the term you need a definition for in the search box
Example: define:harassment
Type your math problem in the search box
Example: 647+268=
More instructions on Google’s calculator.
For more Google tips, visit Google Guide for interactive online tutorials.


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