Whether you’re an HR managers, an academic, a journalist or a policy maker, the Alfred P. Sloan Work and Family Research Network is your one-stop resource for information about work/family issues. Up until 2004, when it broadened its mission, the Network had an academic orientation; today, the initiative calls for engagements with workplace leaders and policy makers, as well.
The Sloan Work & Family Research Network has a wealth of topical work-life resources at its Boston College-affiliated website, including resources for teaching/training, definitions, audio & videos, links, suggested readings and other useful information. Some of the work-family topics, including Afterschool Care, Breastfeeding and the Workplace, Changing Definitions of Families, Dependent Care Tax Assistance, Domestic Violence and the Workplace, Elder Care at the Workplace, Employer-Supported Child Care, Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Family Leave, Flexible Work Schedules, Gender and Use of Workplace Policies, Generation X/Generation Y, Health and Workplace Flexibility, Low-Wage Workers, Military Families, Work-Family Spillover: Negative Impacts, Older Workers, Overwork, Parents Caring for Children with Disabilities, Part-Time Work, Phased Retirement, Return on Investment, Shift Work, and Telework.
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