Five quick links to some useful web tools. OK, well mostly useful – one is just to make you laugh.
Dictionary of Occupational Titles – alphabetical index to the Dictionary of Occupational Titles as supplied electronically by the US Department of Labor.
Everybody’s Legal Glossary – plain-English definitions for hundreds of legal terms, from the common to the bizarre, brought to you by NOLO, a legal publishing firm.
Seat Guru – if your job requires business travel, you will appreciate this site that offers actual layouts of planes so you can preview your seat and flight amenities. You can also access the airline’s info and policies about check-in, baggage, and traveling with infants and pets.
Video tutorial on how to use RSS readers – if you read several blogs a week, a more efficient way to do it is to subscribe to an RSS reader. This brief video tutorial will teach you what you need to know. Also see Frank Roche’s great post from KnowHR on What Everybody in HR Ought to Know About Blogs and How to Read them Fast.
7 Funny Newspaper Job Wanted Ads – or how NOT to write a job ad.


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