Here’s our latest roundup of tools & apps that may be useful to you and your employees. Feel free to share them!
Nursing Home Inspection Tool – if you have an elderly relative, finding good elder care can be a daunting task. A new tool from ProPublica should help. Nursing Home Inspect is a tool that allows you to search more than 20,000 nursing home inspection reports, most completed since January 2011, and encompassing nearly 118,000 deficiencies.
Pre-existing Conditions Insurance Coverage (PCIP) – Find PCIP coverage in your state using this search tool from Also, get information about who is eligible, how much it costs, and what benefits are available.
Treatment Locator App – The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) Treatment Locator app enables patients, family members and professionals to have instant access to reliable information on nearby mental health and substance abuse treatment facilities, including those that provide specialized treatment for patients dealing with opioid drugs. With it, you’ll be able to access information from four different treatment locator databases.
Disaster Prep App – A free mobile disaster preparedness app from the Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.) delivers checklists, communication tools and vital safety tips to prepare users for hurricanes, wildfire, severe winter weather, earthquakes and other disasters. Learn more about the Know Your Plan App.
Wellness – offers a variety of symptom checker flowcharts, which offer a series of interactive “if this/then that” charts that allow you to check symptoms against possible diagnoses. It’s a handy little tool, particularly for things like skin rashes, but if you have persistent or serious symptoms, checking with a doctor is your best bet!
Explore free online courses from edX universities – EdX currently offers HarvardX, MITx and BerkeleyX classes online for free. These institutions aim to extend their collective reach to build a global community of online students. Along with offering online courses, the three universities undertake research on how students learn and how technology can transform learning – both on-campus and online throughout the world.
College Hi is a website “dedicated to help you find your best fit colleges, apply well, and pay the bill easily.” It offers a search tool, college profiles, and a knowledge center.
Convertbot is an iPhone/iPad app that allows you to convert currency, time, length, and many more metrics. It’s even smart enough to convert between mixed units like Foot + Inches, Pounds + Ounces, Minutes + Seconds.
Byte Converter is a web reference tool that allows you to convert bytes to kilobytes to megabytes to gigabytes, and vice versa, or to learn more about bytes.
EmergenciesWreck Check is a mobile app from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners to take the guesswork out of a post-accident information exchange and to protect your security by ensuring you exchange only necessary information. Enter your vehicle information and info about your agent and insurer. If you are in an accident, launch the app, which will guide you through a step-by-step process to create an accident report and email yourself a completed accident report directly, as well as to your insurance agents.
Teleconferencing – We’ve previously featured, which allows you to connect up to 96 callers. Once you register, there is no need to make reservations or engage in any planning – you have your own call in number to share 24/7. You can also get a free recording of the call. Long distance charges from your carrier might apply, but there is no charge for this service. And recently they also added free international audio conferencing to 20+ countries, so if you have offices or employees in offshore locations, this tool might be handy.


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