Absenteeism Cost and Healthcare Expense Calculators
How Much Are Untreated Alcohol Problems Costing Your Company? – This Alcohol Cost Calculator will tell you how much problem drinking costs your health plan and how you can help beneficiaries with drinking problems.
The Alcohol Cost Calculator – an online tool that can help you estimate the prevalence of alcohol problems in your population.
Substance Use Disorder Calculator – an online tool that can help you estimate the prevalence of alcohol, illicit drug, and prescription pain medication abuse or dependence in your population.
Drug Testing ROI
Smoking Cessation ROI Calculator for Businesses
NCQA Quality Dividend Calculator – see how health care quality affects your bottom line.
Calculating the Impact of Depression in the Workplace
Depression Cost Calculator – determine the incidence within your organization, the expected number of annual days your employees will be absent or suffer low productivity and the associated costs, and net savings with treatment of those employees suffering from depression.
Domestic Violence Cost Calculator
Eldercare Costs in the Workplace CalculatorQuantifying the Cost of Physical Inactivity
Obesity Cost Calculator
Diabetes at Work Cost Assessment Tool
Diabetes Cost Calculator for Employers – an evidence-based tool that employers can use to estimate how much diabetes costs them and the potential savings that would result from better management of diabetes.
Chronic Disease Cost Calculator
Return on Immunizations (ROI) – Flu Calculator
Preventive Services Prioritization Tool – assists employers in determining which preventive services should be included in the benefit plan based on health and economic value or employee demographics and risk factors.
Preventive Services Benchmarking Tool – allows employers to benchmark their current preventive benefits and programs against the gold standard (no cost to the beneficiary or 100% first dollar coverage) for recommended preventive services; and for select services, against an additional sample of Business Group members (90 employers).
Wellness ROI Calculator


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