At the close of each year and the start of a new year, we typically take a few minutes to survey the landscape. We look back at key workplace trends and events that shaped the prior year and look to experts for predictions for the year ahead. In this Human Resources Recap, we say goodbye to 2017 with a list of links to year-end wrap-ups, with a few interesting non-HR items thrown in. We also list some of our most popular and well-read blog posts over the prior year. In a subsequent post, we’ll take a look ahead to opportunities and trends for 2018.

2017 Human Resources Recap

HR Web Cafe – Most popular posts in 2017*

1. Planning terminations that involve potentially violent employees
2. Prescription Drug Guidelines: What employers need to know
3. Supervisor’s Guide to Dealing with a Grieving Employee
4. October Focus: Mental Health Awareness
5. HR News Roundup: Harassment, jerks at work, telecommuting, lighter side & more news of note
6. How should HR deal with #MeToo harassment issues in the workplace?
7. Snow policies: Are yours in place?
8. Leadership lessons from a 4-star general: Listen, learn … then lead
9. ESI EAP’s Newest Benefit: Certified Financial Coaching
10. Test your nonverbal communication skills
11. The Best Resignation Letter Ever Written
12. FMLA update for 2017: Tips & Tools
13. HR News Roundup: Google leadership secrets, age discrimination, free webinar, lighter side & more
14. Employee Lawsuits: Costs, types of suits and 2017 employment law issues in review
15. How does your organization stack up when it comes to ageism?

*These were the “most-read” posts in 2017 – some are popular favorites from the archives.


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