As an HR professional, you’ve likely gotten many a resignation letter – but have you gotten any gems like these? If so, you may want to preserve them for posterity!

Many writers take jobs to make ends meet while they pursue their true calling in off hours. Such was the case for author Sherwood Anderson who worked as a copywriter at a Chicago ad agency. When he reached a point that he was ready to devote himself to his writing full time, he penned an amusing letter to his employer – surely one of the best resignation letters ever written.

William Faulkner worked as a postmaster for a few years and was apparently rather a shirker. On being forced to resign, his letter was short and to the point. Contrast that with the folksy and amusing resignation from another postmaster, humorist Bill Nye, which he submitted to his boss, U.S. President Chester Arthur.

Among other resignation letters we’ve enjoyed is this sweet missive, a tasteful way to resign indeed. We also liked this song delivered in video format by a Microsoft employee to her team.

Should you be on the receiving end of a letter of resignation, here are some tips:

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