Our 2023 Holiday Survival Toolkit offers a variety of resources and tips to help you have as happy, healthy, and stress-free a holiday as possible.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and it kicks off a busy season full of holidays, from Hanukah and Christmas to New Year’s and Kwanzaa. The upside? For many, it’s a time of festivity, family, and happiness. The downside? Holidays can be costly and stressful. There’s also a lot of external pressure tempting us to overeat, over drink, overspend, and under-sleep. Plus, many people have personal circumstances that make the season particularly painful – those who mourn for a loved one, those who are separated from family and friends, or those who struggle with depression, for just a few examples. There are a host of other reasons why people might not feel festive, yet may feel increasingly isolated due to the celebrations going on around them.

Whether you are team festive or team Grinch, we’ve compiled our 2023 Holiday Survival Toolkit to offer resources, tips, and tools to help you navigate the season’s many challenges. We’ve kept some prior links to resources that we think are helpful, but we’ve added a lot of new tools, too.  Note: While we’ve aimed for free and accessible resources, some links may require registration.

We remind our Members that your EAP is available 24-7-365 for help with any difficulties you may experience. Call for counseling or coaching to deal with grief, stress, maintaining health and fitness, coping with budgets and finances, family and relationship dynamics, and more!

Budgeting & managing money

Managing stress & mental health

Staying healthy & well

Keeping a Sober Season

Family Matters

Holidays after a divorce

Handling special situations

Navigating holidays at the workplace

Keeping safe

Maintaining cyber security & avoiding scams

Holiday travel

Keeping the holidays green

Giving charitable gifts and donations


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