Tune-Up Tip #1: Get Sober Curious

April is National Alcohol Awareness Month. Gallup has tracked Americans’ use of and attitudes towards alcohol for more than eight decades. In its most recent report, it found that 62% of Americans currently say they drink alcohol, a rate which has been consistent since 1939.  On average, U.S. drinkers report they had four drinks in the past week.  Of those who do drink, alcohol misuse remains a significant problem. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism reports that 28.8 million adults aged 18+ (or 11.2%) had an Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) in the past year. In addition, approximately 140,000 people die of alcohol-related causes annually.

Alcohol use is pervasive in our society, accepted as an everyday part of life. There’s an expectation that alcohol will be an integral part of celebrations, vacations, and important events; there’s also been a certain level of tolerance for misuse. Yet attitudes appear to be changing. Gallup reports that young adults today are less likely to drink than young adults two decades ago: 62% of adults under age 35 drink, down from 72% two decades ago.  And a growing number of people are exploring “sober curious” or “mindful drinking” lifestyles. These cultural changes can be seen in the growing popularity of events such as ‘Dry January” and “Sober October,” as well as a growth in demand for “mocktails” and other non-alcoholic beverages. Both sober curiosity and mindful drinking are rooted in a desire for a healthier lifestyle. They entail either temporary / intermittent non-drinking or an ongoing awareness and questioning of the frequency and quantity of drinking.

If you’re feeling sober curious or you’d like to practice more mindful drinking to improve your health, here are some steps you can take:

    Tune-Up Tip #2: Shape Up

    Adults need a minimum of 150 minutes per week of moderate exercise to stay healthy, or half that for vigorous activities. Add muscle-strengthening activities on two or more days a week for even more benefits. Some ideas for moderate impact activities that will get you outdoors this spring include gardening, brisk walking, doubles tennis, canoeing, easy biking, softball, and mowing the lawn. High impact activities include hiking, vigorous biking, swimming laps, jogging, running, wheelchair sprinting, soccer, volleyball, and basketball.

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    Tune-Up Tip #3: Spring Training

    Put a spring in your step with newfound knowledge and skills! Explore thousands of personal and professional development courses. Simply click on “Member Login” at www.theEAP.com, sign in, and click on the comprehensive training library in the “Training Center.”  

    • Working Sober! Substance Abuse in the Workplace | Course ID: SVL_061136
      This 11-minute video includes: understanding substance abuse, signs and symptoms of substance abuse, alcohol and drug basics, and intervention and getting help.
    • Mental Well-Being: Effective Stress Management Techniques | Course ID: SVL_104478
      Stress can be caused by any number of biological, psychological, and social factors. This 5-minute video highlights several techniques to help reduce that stress.
    • New Hire Safety | Course ID: SVL_007130
      This 22-minute video covers basic work safety:  emergency situations & injuries, fire safety, OSHA Hazard Communication Standard, falls prevention, ladder safety and more.

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