Taking Matters into Your Own Hands!

There are several ways to access your EAP benefits and services – our counselors and coaches are always available. But many people like exploring resources privately on their own. Our Self-Help Resource Center is designed for just that, with over 25,000 webinars, expert articles, tools, tutorials, trainings, and video resources. You and your eligible family members can log in and explore at will.

Simply log in to www.theEAP.com. Here’s just a small sampling of what you’ll find:

Family Issues: Parenting and Family • Elder and Child Care Resource Locators • Domestic and Workplace Violence Resource Center • Pet Resources

Health and Wellness: Cancer, Diabetes and Other Illnesses • Health Assessments • 700+ Health Videos • Nutrition • Fitness

Money Matters: Personal Finance and Education • Financial Assessments and Tutorials • Debt and Debt Restructuring • 150+ Financial Calculators • Home Ownership and Mortgages • Taxes and the IRS

Legal Concerns:  Wills & Forms • Legal Information and Templates • Landlords & Tenants • Divorce & Child Custody • Retirement & Elder Care

Mental & Behavioral Health: Emotional Wellbeing and Resilience • Articles and Videos on Personal Problems • Stress • Grief and Loss • Depression • Trauma

Self-Improvement: 100+ Personal Improvement Webinars • Lifestyle Savings Benefits & Discounts • Over 8,000 Personal & Professional Development Trainings

E-Learning Popular Picks

Check out a few popular picks from our 8,000+ E-Learning courses and trainings. Simply login at www.theEAP.com, click the “Training Center” icon and choose the “New & Improved Trainings” icon.

  • Time Management: Managing the Time of Your Life, Part 1 | Course ID: SVL_102158
    6 minute video, the first in 8 parts with strategies to help you make the most of your time.
  • NEW! Recovering from a Personal Disaster | Course ID: SVL_1020691
    8 minute video on steps to help ease the transition back to work and take care of yourself after
    experiencing a serious disruption to everyday life.
  • Collaborating Remotely with Teammates | Course ID: SVL_1020753
    8 minute video to help you learn about key strategies for virtual collaboration with your teammates.

Pandemic Tax Time Tips

• Pandemic stimulus 
    payments are not taxable.

• If you received
    unemployment, that is

• If you didn’t get Economic
    Impact Payments or
    received less than you
    were entitled to, you may
    be eligible to claim the
    recovery rebate credit, but
    must file a tax return to
    claim it.

• The IRS suggests filing 
    electronically and
    choosing direct deposit to
    avoid pandemic-related
    paper delays.

• Many families, seniors,
    and military members can
    save money with IRS Free
for online tax prep,
    electronic filing, and
    direct deposit, at no cost.

• Tax scams are always big
     this time of year. Don’t be
     a victim – the IRS has a list
     of tax scams to avoid.


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