All of us are feeling the stress and anxiety that comes from Covid Fatigue. The pandemic is weighing on each of us. And it’s no wonder: The Washington Post said that in January alone, more than 3000 people a day died from Covid, or the equivalent of a mass casualty event each and every day!  That takes a terrible toll on all of us.

The good news is that there is hope ahead. The availability of vaccines are ramping up. Last week, 1.7 million people were vaccinated every day, and as supplies increase and distribution becomes more efficient, the numbers will grow. Health officials say that over the late spring and summer, we will see a gradual resumption of normalcy. And as more of the population gets vaccinated, the outlook for the fall and winter holiday season grows more positive. There’s light at the end of the tunnel!

Although there’s light ahead, Covid fatigue is a real thing that most of us are coping with. In a few weeks, we will mark the one year anniversary of the initial emergency orders and lockdowns.  Think about how unprecedented this is in modern times!  Many people have been entirely or mostly locked down for 365 days. Work and schooling has been disrupted. Holidays have been cancelled. Families have been apart.  Financial pressure and debt have been an additional stressor for many whose jobs have been lost or disrupted. We are all spending way more hours cooped up alone or restricted to a small “pod” than humans really should.  We all miss normalcy and doing things in the public square – travel, concerts, sporting events and more. And throughout the year and all the disruption,  there is the constant underlying worry about health. All these things take a toll.

That’s why ESI EAP has introduced a new coronavirus-related benefit for our employee members. We have a variety of Coronavirus-related services that we call our Covid Fatigue Relief Kit, with hundreds of solutions to lessen the strain of the pandemic.

The Kit includes:

  1. Our COVID-19 Resource Center with hundreds of articles, videos and tools focused on help for coping skills and reducing stress.
  2. ESI online Training Library, including over 8000 trainings with special coronavirus trainings.
  3. Certified Coaching, including stress reduction, wellness, coping skills, and more.
  4. 25,000 Self-Help Resources, encompassing tools, videos, and articles to help with pandemic, and other life problems
  5. THE ESI Counseling program, giving you access to the most effective of any EAP with 98% satisfaction.  Employee Members can call 24/7 for help.

Check out this short video for more information:


All of us at ESI are here to help our member employees get as much help as possible in getting through the pandemic – as well as with other disruptive work and life issues!

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