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ESI offers more benefits, more services for management & better results than traditional EAPs


More Employer Services Than Traditional EAPs.

You and your front-line managers need the tools and services to help deal with important compliance and liability issues. The 20% of your workforce who will experience life problems account for most involuntary terminations. They file more workers’ compensation claims, are absent more often, and incur more disability costs.

We have redefined the EAP concept to include an entire menu of management focused solutions to help you minimize costs and maximize productivity. Our EAP provides an important adjunct to your internal Human Resource staff.

Our Employer Services Include…

Peak Performance Benefits

Traditionally, EAPs provide counseling services to help employees resolve their problems and return to full productivity. That’s been our core service at ESI EAP and we’ve done it well: We provide more benefits to employees, get higher utilization, deliver better results, and earn higher satisfaction ratings. We can also help maximize the productivity of all your employees. Studies have shown that 4 out of 5 employees are not performing at peak levels. To address that, we have developed Peak Performance Benefits, which include:

  • Peak Performance Knowledge Center
  • Peak Performance Personal & Professional Coaching
  • Peak Performance Wellness Coaching

HR Consultants

When complex employee issues arise, we provide direct access to our human resource consultants and clinicians. Managers may contact our clinical staff or our certified SPHRs (Senior Professionals in Human Resources) for counsel on virtually any human resource issue. SPHRs keep up-to-date on various employment matters such as FMLA, ADA and Workers’ Compensation.

Administrative Referral

The Administrative Referral is a formal process to address unacceptable employee performance and document remedial actions. When a manager is confronted with an employee performance problem, your Human Resource Department can refer the employee to a case manager for counseling.  Employers who utilize this program find that most employees can be restored.

Online Compliance Training

ESI is the only EAP to offer a complete curriculum of online compliance and management training programs. The curriculum includes dozens of course modules covering the full range of employee compliance issues, critical employment practice issues, and management training.

Trauma Response Service

Through our Trauma Response services, ESI has trained counselors and other certified personnel ready to respond to the needs of your organization should any of your personnel experience a traumatic situation at work.

Counselors include grief and trauma specialists as well as team members certified in basic and advanced critical incident stress management. Responses include on-scene deployment, telephonic counseling and private counseling as well as group debriefings.

Management Academy

The ESI Management Academy is an entire curriculum of online training programs that promote the key management skills every manager needs to succeed in a supervisory role. Certificates are available for those who complete the training modules.

Management Academy Brochure (PDF)

Supervisor Resource Center

ESI provides an online Supervisor Resource Center. This section of our website contains copies of forms, policies, articles and other tools designed to help develop people management “best practices.” An extensive array of articles and Web resources are also available to help you solve the everyday problems that are encountered when managing people.

Drug-Free Workplace

Most employers recognize the value of maintaining a drug-free workplace. Drug-Free Workplace compliance requires creating a Drug-Free Workplace policy, conducting drug and alcohol awareness training, and offering treatment options for employees abusing drugs in the workplace. Our consultants guide and assist in the development of a comprehensive program. The Omnibus Transportation Testing Act mandates alcohol and drug testing for “safety sensitive” employees in the transportation and pipeline industries. Our entire program is available to client organizations via the Internet, where employers have access to up-to-date policies and procedures. There are links to all necessary resources, including drug testing sites and substance abuse professionals. In addition, we include the online training programs needed to ensure that managers and supervisors meet federal training requirements.

Background Search Benefits

Sometimes the best management assistance we can provide is to help identify inappropriate potential employees before they are hired. Our pre-employment background checks can cut turnover rates and trim the costs of rehiring and retraining. With ESI, you will be able to verify Social Security numbers and determine if candidates appear on the national sex offender registry or the FBI wants and warrants at no charge. Other screening for such things as credit history, driving records, local criminal records, education and work history verification is also available.


Automated Digital Communications

ESI’s proprietary Automated Digital Communications (ADC) system allows ESI EAP to engage in periodic e-mail communications with Members. Utilization is the key to maximizing the effectiveness of your EAP by helping employees to resolve issues and distractions that hinder productivity. At ESI EAP, we achieve superior levels of utilization – more than double that of traditional EAPs – through regular Member communications about services and benefits. Our e-communications supplement a host of traditional communication tools from brochures, posters and table tents to videos and attendance at health fairs.

Workers’ Comp Portal

Workers’ Compensation is a critical issue for every employer that requires any sort of physical stress.  Employers who utilize the portal are better able to manage the risk of injury and reduce lost time when injuries do occur.  Key features of this portal include hundreds of articles, videos, forms, sample policies, articles and quizzes on critical risk management topics, covering –Safe hiring & firing best practices: Injury prevention and safety resources: What to do when someone is injured at work: and OSHA record keeping requirements, forms and much more!

Mediation Services

Our Member organizations will receive a 15% discount on hourly services from a leading mediation and arbitration provider.  Some of the benefits of mediation services include:

•       Avoiding costly and prolonged litigation
•       Reducing employee turnover and replacement costs
•       Minimizing supervisor time managing disputes

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