Improve your sleep routines! Experts say more sleep can help your work performance, while getting too little can degrade it.

updated February 2024

Want to be an all-star at work? Improve your sleep routine! Experts say that getting more sleep can help your work performance – and getting too little can degrade it.  In Forbes, Moira Lawler talks about several recent studies about the effect of sleep – or lack of it – on work performance. She notes:

A study in the journal Sleep found that subjects who racked up just six hours of snooze time per night for two weeks functioned as badly as if they were deprived of sleep for 48 hours. Here’s the thing: The study’s subjects actually thought they were performing well—not just skating by but actually doing an all-star job.

Most of us know that getting a good night’s sleep is important to our overall health, but for many, the trick is how to get enough in terms of both quantity and quality. We liked this infographic from The Fix that offers tips for establishing a nightly sleep routine. Visit their feature on Tips for Better Sleep to learn more about the stages of sleep and how to maximize your sleep space, as well as to get some suggestions relaxation routines.

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We also like this infographic from Dr. Mike Evans on using cognitive techniques to improve your thinking at bedtime. Check out his accompanying article: Sleeping Better.


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