If you work a 40-hour work week for 48 weeks of the year — that’s allowing 2 weeks for vacation and 2 weeks for holidays or sick time — you log 1,920 hours of work per year. Multiply that by 40 or 45 years, and you will have spent between 76,000 to 86,000 hours of your life working. It could even be a higher number if you put in overtime or work a second job.

There are two lessons to learn from that:

  • First, it’s important to find something that you like to do of you are going to spend that much time doing it.
  • Second, you need to make sure that you stay fit and healthy not just on your own time, but during work time too.

But here’s the problem: the average jobs used to involve much more in the way of physical activity, but today, many jobs entail sitting and looking at a screen all day. And sitting all day just isn’t good for you. The challenge: how to stay fit with a sedentary or indoor job.

There are many ways that you can stay healthy and fit even if you have a desk job, but it entails making a concerted effort. Here are a few suggestions.

The folks at The Fix offer an article and a cool infographic with more ideas for things you can do to be healthier and happier at work.

Source: Fix.com Blog


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