There are a variety of options when it comes to workplace wellness incentives, ranging from money and tangible goods to special privileges and recognition. What works best? There are no tried-and-true formulas: the incentive that will be best for your corporate wellness program should be based on your organization’s culture, your wellness program goals and your budget.

We’ve just posted a new whitepaper that explores a variety of incentive models, along with a description and some of the considerations for each:

  • Participation-based incentives
  • Educational/Awareness Incentives
  • Outcomes-based incentives
  • Progress-based incentives
  • Smorgasbord of Incentives

Whatever types of incentive strategies you decide to put in place, encouraging peer support and even competition can help increase the impact.

Click for a complimentary copy: Strategies for Success: Workplace Wellness Incentive Models



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