We’re proud to be featured in this week’s Health Wonk Review: The Selfie Edition. Steve Anderson is hosting at medicareresources.org blog.

Here’s why you might want to check his post out: Health Wonk Review is a rotating “biweekly compendium of the best of the health policy blogs.” It features best recent blog posts contributed by various bloggers in the health policy arena – bloggers who post about insurance, technology, and managed care. We submitted a post on research related to wearable technology and are honored to have our post included in such fine company.

Heath Wonk Review is a good way for employers and those interested in healthcare issues to keep up-to-date on the topic by getting a digest of important topics every two weeks. It’s a way to learn about and be exposed to bloggers who regularly post about health care and regulatory related issues.

In addition to our post, a dozen other posts are featured on topics like electronic patient records, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and advances in medical technologies — eye selfies, anyone?

Thanks for including us, Steve! We hope to participate again in the future!


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