Psychologist Sherrie Campbell has written an excellent essay on Robin Williams: Life Lessons He Left Us With. It’s a thoughtful piece, well worth a read. Here’s an excerpt:

“Robin taught us that adult laughter and comedy were healing. He could, just by being him, make any topic, dark or light, somehow hysterically funny. We were all enamored with him because he reminded us to see the humor. Humor is an incredible way to cope when we are feeling down.

Robin taught us of vulnerability and depth. So many of his roles were touching upon the deepest pains of being human. He was able to reach into our hearts with his roles in Patch Adams, Mrs Doubtfire, Good Will Hunting, and What Dreams May Come. He was able to feel these vulnerabilities so deeply in his own heart that when it came to putting them into his craft, he was able to reach into and touch our own fears and vulnerabilities making us feel normal in our own humanity.”

Here are a few other life lessons from Robin Williams’ body of work:

Dead Poet’s Society – ‘Carpe Diem’ from Sam on Vimeo.

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