This TED talk by Pamela Myer shows you how to spot a liar.

Pamela Meyer is a professional lie spotter. She’s worked with a team of researchers to collect and review research on deception from such fields as law-enforcement, military, psychology and espionage. She also received advanced training in deception detection, interrogation, microexpression analysis, statement analysis, behavior and body language interpretation, and emotion recognition.

Meyer says that lying is a cooperative act – on its own, a lie has no power. It becomes powerful when someone agrees to believe it. She says that on any given day, we’re lied to from 10 to 200 times – from the white lies that allow society to function smoothly to the devastating duplicities that bring down corporations and break up families.

In this TED talk, she shares some of her expertise and helps us learn to spot the lies and liars in our midst by recognizing and spotting hotspots. In addition to being smart and useful, her presentation is funny and familiar – because let’s face it – we’ve all lied and been lied to. You can also learn more about her research from her book Liespotting. You can also get more pointers for spotting deception on her website.


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