HR Trends for 2024: What’s in the cards on the HR and employment front for the coming year? HR experts offer predictions, observations, and insight. 

 6 Workplace Trends Leaders Should Watch in 2024 Gallup, Ben Wigert:

1. Global Worker Stress Remains at a Record High
2. Engagement Is Slowly Recovering, With Some Areas for Improvement – “But one particularly concerning trend is the decrease in employees who feel connected to their organization’s mission and purpose.”
3. Leaders Are Restoring Trust Yet Have Much Room for Improvement – “Yet, today, only 23% of U.S. employees strongly agree that they trust the leadership of their organization.”
4. Managers Are Getting Squeezed – “In 2023, managers were more likely than non-managers to be disengaged, burnt out and job hunting.”
5. Organizations Need a Long-Term Hybrid Work Strategy
6. Hybrid Culture Can Be Great — If Done Right – “Organizations that plan to move forward with hybrid for the long term must thoughtfully create and fully commit to a strategy for how they best communicate, collaborate, build relationships and solidify their work culture.”

9 Future of Work Trends for 2024 Gartner, Jordan Turner

1. The Cost of Work Crisis Reaches a Breaking Point
2. AI Creates, Not Diminishes, Workforce Opportunity
3. Four-Day Workweeks Go From Radical to Routine
4. Employee Conflict Resolution Is the Next Must-Have Skill for Managers
5. GenAI Experiments Will Yield Hard Lessons and Painful Costs
6. Skills Overtake Degrees as the Paper Ceiling Crumbles
7. Climate Change Protection Becomes the New In-Demand Employee Benefit
8. DEI Doesn’t Disappear, It Becomes the Way We Work
9. Career Stereotypes Collapse in the Face of Workforce Change

What matters most? Eight CEO priorities for 2024McKinsey, Homayoun Hatami and Liz Hilton Segel

  • Gen AI goes from proof of concept to scale
  • How to outcompete with technology
  • The biggest capital reallocation in our lifetime
  • What’s your superpower?
  • Learn to love your middle managers
  • Geopolitics: Beating the odds
  • Navigating the road to courageous growth
  • A new lens on the macroeconomy

6 key realities for HR leaders in 2024Human Resource Executive, Jacqui Canney

1. HR leaders are laser-focused on transformation and optimistic for the future.
2. HR leaders must confront the growing mental health crisis with compassion.
3. Generative AI is a catalyst to spark growth.
4. HR leaders must accelerate progress on diversity, equity and inclusion.
5. HR leaders are eager to make the shift to skills-based organizations.
6. HR leaders must navigate an increasingly unpredictable political climate.

5 HR trends for 2024: what can you do to stay ahead? Mercer

1. Hybrid work: It’s time for a more flexible mindset
2. Culture will unleash workforce potential
3. The changing shape of work requires a new approach to rewards
4. An accelerated shift from jobs to skills
5. AI will be the best HR employee you hire in 2024

HR Trends to Watch in 2024HR Daily Advisor, Matti Niebelschütz

  • The New Generation of Caregivers Wants Simplicity and Flexibility
  • Connection Without Cubicles
  • The Great Resignation Has Evolved into Job Hopping
  • Empowered Candidates Are Turning the Tables in Job Interviews

2024’s Unde-the-Radar Workforce Trends –  HR Morning, Michele MCGovern

  • From DEI to EID
  • From mindset to skillset
  • From being to well-being
  • From silence to conversation
  • From WFH to WIO
  • From AI talk to AI adoption

The year of efficiency:’ Industry leaders forecast 2024 HR trends – Human Resource Executive, Jill Barth,

  • Competitive challenges persist
  • Slowing job growth
  • The impact of AI on the workforce
  • Enhancing employee training with AI
  • Rise of AI chatbots
  • Human-centric employee benefits
  • The tipping point of negativity
  • Development of a skills-based approach
  • AI in performance and talent mobility
  • Still talking about remote, hybrid, in-office
  • Tech talent wars
  • Leaders will give order to a ‘disordered world’
  • Strikes will decrease

7 Benefits and Compensation Trends to Watch in 2024SHRM, Kathryn Mayer,

  • GLP-1 Drug Coverage Decisions
  • More Financial Health Offerings
  • Pay Increases Will Meet or Exceed Inflation
  • Mental Health Focus
  • Controlling Health Care Costs
  • Pensions May Make a Comeback

8 benefits areas HR is focusing on in 2024Human Resource Executive, Dawn Kawamoto

  • Menopause benefits
  • Weight loss drug coverage
  • Personalized benefits
  • Precision medicine
  • Caregiving benefits
  • Family-forming benefits –
  • Mental health benefits
  • Financial wellness benefits

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