Lately, we’ve been posting about compliance-related issues on the blog – a topic that is frequently on the minds of our employer clients. It crosses industry sectors and organizations of all sizes. While compliance with state and federal laws is a complex responsibility for HR managers, today the web makes a wide array of resources available at your fingertips – you simply have to ensure that you are getting information from credible sources. Many employment law attorneys actively and generously share their knowledge and expertise on blogs and on Twitter. In fact, there’s a huge HR community on Twitter so even if you aren’t interested in Tweeting yourself, it is worth your while to lurk. You can start by following us at @ESIEAP.
Some of our favorite blogs on compliance and employment law-related issues include:
Jon Hyman – Ohio’s Employer Law Blog
Jeff Nowak FMLA Insights
Daniel Schwartz – Connecticut Employment Law Blog
Philip Miles Lawffice Space
Robin Shea Employment and Labor Insider
Michael Fox – Jottings By An Employer’s Lawyer
Workers’ Comp Insider
All the above also have Twitter accounts. You can also follow our Employment Law list of 70+ contacts on Twitter.


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