From time to time, we like to clean out our bookmark file of assorted linkage. Some are useful work tools or tools for general daily living – and others are just things that caught our fancy.
Mashable is your guide to social media and Web 2.0 news. It reviews new sites and services, publishes breaking news and offers social media resources and guides. Whether you’re a social media newbie or an old hand, this site is an invaluable tool and guide to Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and more. – a mobile app that reads text (SMS) messages and emails aloud in real time and automatically responds without drivers touching the mobile phone. is the solution to texting while driving. There is a free version as well as subscription plans for individuals, families, and businesses.
Pirate Pad – an online tool that allows synchronized type so you can collaborate on documents in real time. Just open a new board, type in a name and then click “share this pad” and get a link to share with your team. Easy.
Need to keep track of time? Try Online stopwatch and online time tracker.
The Daily Plate – a free service to track your daily calorie intake and burn rate. Search more than 100,000 food items in the database and see the calorie and nutrition information for that food.
Taxi Fare Finder – Are you visiting a new city for business? Get your Taxi Fare Estimates before you leave. Taxi Fare calculates how much your cab fare may cost in your city. Just type in the addresses and go!
Nationmaster – a vast compilation of data to graphically compare nations. Generate maps and graphs on all kinds of statistics with ease on everything from economic data to wall plug voltages.
Stop junk mail and catalogs – An average of 41 pounds of junk mail is sent to every adult citizen each year. Approximately 44% of this mail goes into a landfill unopened. Cover your household for $41, with a guarantee of an 80-95% reduction within a few months.
Naval Safety Center Photo of the Week – if you have responsibility for on-the-job safety, or even if you don’t, you will marvel at the risks some people take to get the job done.
Proverbia – Search more than 17,681 famous quotes and proverbs for your next speech or essay.
Pollen Forecast – click on your state to get a 4-day allergy forecast
Field Triage Decision Scheme: The National Trauma Triage Protocol – a printable single-page decision tree for first responders
Employer best Practices for Workers With Caregivers – best practices and advice from the EEOC that go beyond federal nondiscrimination requirements.
Rethinking Drinking – the target audience for this interactive site is the 3 in 10 U.S. adults who drink more than the low-risk limits. The site uses calculators and worksheets to allow users to conduct self-assessments and check their drinking pattern and see how it compares to the norm.
Wallet Garden is a simple tool to help you if your wallet is stolen. Wallet Garden stores phone numbers so you can cancel your cards from anywhere, at any time. It’s free, and it doesn’t store any sensitive information.


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