Affordable Care Act – Information for Employers and Self-Employed – Small businesses – Learn about small employer tax credits, as well as small employers’ rights and responsibilities under the law. Small employers are usually defined at those having fewer than 50 employees. Large businesses – Information for businesses with 50 or more employees, including information about tax policy and employer responsibility parts of the law. Self-Employed – Self-employed people have some new options and protections, both now and beginning in 2014. In some states, self-employed people can apply for small business policies.
Resources for Consumers and Employers – from Kaiser Family Foundation
After the Ruling: A Consumer Guide – an FAQ from Kaiser Health News about some of the law’s provisions that are already up and running as well as major features of what’s to come.
What’s Changing and When – an interactive timeline, or see all timeline items on one page in printable format.
Health Reform Implementation Timeline – provisions by year.
The Affordable Care Act by State – See what implementation means for your state. From grants to new services and programs, find out how the Affordable Care Act is helping you where you live.
Prevention and Wellness – insurers are required to cover certain preventive services at no cost to the insured. Beginning as early as August 2012, this list will expand to include additional services for women.
Health Reform Glossary
Full text of the Affordable Care Act – Read the Affordable Care Act in full or browse it section by section.


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