The HR blogosphere keeps getting better and better. We’ve discovered a few good blogs – not necessarily new but new to us – that we thought we’d share with our readers. We’ll be adding them to the blogroll in our sidebar, too.
The first two are a pair of blogs from Manpower: The Manpower Employment Blawg authored by Mark Toth, the company’s Chief Legal Officer. We enjoyed his introduction: “For the first time in recorded history, a lawyer is doing something for free. This blog — or blawg — is designed to provide you with up-to-the-minute employment law information without putting you to sleep. Take a look around. You’ll find entertaining videos, provocative questions, practical tools, legal alerts — even an employment law sing-a-long. We’ll do everything we can to keep you up on the law and out of jail.”
He’s correct that the blog is quite entertaining, but don’t let the breezy style fool you – it is also packed with useful information. Check out the termination tools(PDF) and roster of helpful cheat sheets on employment laws.
Mark’s colleague Melanie Holmes is Vice President of World of Work Solutions at Manpower, and she hosts the Contemporary Working Blog. She covers a plethora of everyday workplace issues ranging from improving your public speaking skills to tattoos in the workplace. We also like that she loves her pets. Oh, and an interesting side note – although a corporate executive today, Melanie began her career at Manpower 26 years ago, starting as a $5 an hour temp.
Another entertaining and thought provoking blog we’ve recently discovered is Punk Rock Human Resources, authored by Laurie Ruettimann, who describes herself a punk rock Human Resources professional with extensive Fortune 500 experience. She writes about business trends, employment, Corporate America, and permanently opting-out of the rat race. We like her recent post summarizing Obama’s and McCain’s views on work issues as stated in the recent Saddleback Faith Forum. And checkout her post Eye of the Tiger: Two HR Lessons From the 80s – good stuff.
In another vein, we were pleased to discover Corporate Wellness Insights a blog by Wellness Corporate Solutions, a Maryland-based employee wellness company. As the title implies, this blog focuses on all things related to wellness. The blog features weekly wellness news roundups, case histories of organizations with successful and high ROI wellness programs, and posts on topical health issues such as cancer and obesity.


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