The Employee Engagement Problem

Employee Engagement is a growing concern for every employer.

A recent “State of the American Workplace” study conducted by the Gallup Research organization found that only about one-third of American workers were engaged at work. The remaining two-thirds of the workforce who were disengaged cost employers over $4,000 per year in lost productivity.

Think about it. That means a loss of $400,000 for every 100 employees!

So, what can be done to stop these losses?

It begins with examining what employers with high engagement are doing that is different.

The key finding: High engagement employers are different in their focus and management priorities.

High engagement organizations all focus on:

  • Training managers to recruit and interview properly
  • Onboarding employees so that they assimilate into the organization quickly
  • Training managers in engagement best practices
  • Providing employees training and coaching opportunities to improve both personally and professionally

At ESI Employee Assistance Group, we have a long-term commitment to continually expand our Program to provide more benefits and services for employees than any other EAP. In the past, most benefits and services focused on addressing the personal problems facing employees. In recent years, we’ve broadened our mission and our benefits to also offer employees opportunities for engagement by helping them to grow and improve in both their personal and professional lives.

That is why we introduced the ESI Employee Engagement Program as an optional addition to the EAP.

This new program provides all the following benefits:

  1. A Best Practice Learning Center for Managers that includes three separate sections containing tutorials, checklists, PowerPoint Presentations and Skillsoft trainings that help them improve:
    • Recruiting & Interviewing Skills
    • Onboarding & Development Best Practices
    • Employee Engagement
  2. Our online Knowledge Center powered by Skillsoft includes more than 200 employee trainings to improve both their personal and professional lives.
  3. ESI Certified Wellness Coaching Benefit.
  4. 10 Personal and Professional Development Coaching programs available in the EAP.
  5. ESI employee digital communications to build and reinforce employee awareness of all Personal and Professional Coaching & Training Benefits.
  6. A dedicated consultant to help each organization develop an annual employee training schedule to meet their unique needs.

The Employee Engagement Program can be added for all your employees, or you can elect to add the program for just your managers to improve their overall performance.

So, why consider this option?

It’s simple. The benefits to your organization can be substantial. For those organizations that embrace the Employee Engagement Program and require participation:

  1. The EEP will improve employee performance and engagement.
  2. The EEP will help lower turnover.
  3. Over time, employee satisfaction will increase.
  4. Your organization will experience a productivity improvement that far exceeds the cost of the program.

For more information about the ESI Employee Engagement Program, call or email Sheri Johnson at 800.535.4841
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