Speak to a Counselor

Speak to a Counselor

All employee benefits are just a phone call or a click away

All employees–and any members of their immediate family are entitled to telephone counseling services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And when members call, experienced counselors–not call center staff–provide immediate help. Our counselors are the industry’s best. To qualify, a counselor must have either a Master’s or Ph.D degree in a counseling discipline and a minimum of five years of clinical experience. Our counselors are also characterized by a caring and empathetic approach and commitment to excellent service.

For face-to-face counseling, a member is referred to a local counselor for additional help. We’ve built a referral network of more than 25,000 private practice providers located throughout the U.S. and Canada to supplement our proprietary counseling services. In addition, our web site is available day and night, offering private access to thousands of articles, assessments, videos, and information resources.

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