Everyday Problems Keeping Us Up At Night!

  • You didn’t deserve that speeding ticket, there’s no way you were going 50 mph in a school zone!
  • You’re usually tolerant of neighbors, but the new next-door folks are having too many loud,
    late-night parties.
  • Your kitchen contractor is way behind schedule and way over budget.
  • The new car in your driveway is proving to be a lemon.
  • A debt collector is hounding you for a bill you already paid.

Some worrisome problems can keep you tossing and turning at night trying to find a solution. Life is full of annoying everyday problems. They can be hard to fix and tend to get worse over time if left unresolved. Many problems entail knowledge about your consumer or legal rights. That’s where your EAP can help. As a member, you and your family can access a wide array of legal and consumer rights resources to help you find the answers by logging in to www.theEAP.com. Here’s a sampling of available help:   

  • Legal Resources: Answers to common issues related to consumer law, neighbors and pets, landlord and tenants, taxes, lawsuits, insurance, real estate, and more.
  • Legal Forms: A useful library of 100+ forms to help with common legal situations.  Find everything from sample wills, contracts, and agreements to complaint letters, demand letters, and bills of sale.  
  • Personal Assistant: Facing a sticky issue that you don’t know how to resolve? Try our ESI Personal Assistant services for help.  Simply fill out a brief form to explain the problem.

For serious legal issues unrelated to employment or medical concerns, members are eligible to receive a free 30-minute legal consultation per legal issue with an attorney. A 25% discount is applied to legal services billed at an hourly rate if the attorney is retained. Give us a call to access this benefit.

    Pet Peeves

    Pets are family members, too! Recent surveys show that 70% of all US households include a pet and 9 out of 10 of the pet owners consider their pet as a family member.  More than half of American dog and cat owners let their pets sleep in bed with them! Because we love the animals in our care and they depend on us, it’s hard to concentrate on other things when pet problems occur.

    Did you know that your EAP can help?  Log in at www.theEAP.com and click on the Pet Help Center for help with common issues such as whether you need pet insurance, how to handle pet behavior and health issues, tips for taking pets on house moves or on trips, and helping pets who experience stress. If you have a specific pet problem or don’t find what you need, you can fill out a brief form to request help from a Personal Assistant.

    Back to School!

    Why should kids have all the fun?  You can go back to school too by taking a few courses. Choose from more than 10,000+ online E-Learning courses, many of them in short micro-learning bursts you can take at your convenience. We add new topics every month. Log in at www.theEAP.com, click the “Training Center” icon and choose “New & Improved Trainings.”

    • Effective Internal Customer Service | Course ID: SVL_1026880
      In this 5-minute video, learn what is meant by “internal customers” and how to treat them with the care, respect, and attention they deserve.
    • Active Shooter: Surviving an Attack | Course ID: SVL_084287
      This 16-minute video offers step-by-step explanations of the survival techniques that law enforcement agencies recommend to help people get through an active shooter incident safely.
    • NEW! Boost Daily Productivity | Course ID: SVL_005148
      Increase awareness of daily time-sucks and try mind-blowing productivity hacks that immediately save time with this 12-minute video. 

    Learn More!

    How to Scan a QR Code

    1. Open the camera app.
    2. Select the rear-facing camera in Photo mode.
    3. Center the QR code you want to scan on the screen
         and hold your phone steady for a couple of seconds.
    4. Tap the notification that pops up to open the link.
         (You will need to be connected to the internet to do this.)

    Don’t Forget!

    EAP services are available to you and your household members as well as dependent children living away from home, up to age 26. 

    Health Observances in September

    Suicide & Crisis Lifeline

    If you experience thoughts of suicide or a mental health or substance use crisis, call or text 988 to reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

    Accessing Your EAP Training Center

     1. Go to www.theEAP.com and       
          click Employee and Family login.

    2. If you’ve already created an           
         account, log in with your User       

    3. If it’s your first time, click                   
         REGISTER to create your User 
         Name and Password. You only 
         need to register once.

    4. Click the ‘Training Center’ and 
          then choose ‘
    New &  Improved 

    5. In the Search bar at the top of the 
         screen, type the course code or 
         search for a topic.

    6. Click the course icon, and click the 
    Play’ or ‘Start’ button to begin.

    To get a certificate: View the course and take the quiz. Not all courses require a quiz, but if so, you must score at least 80% for a certificate. To get your certificate, click on the ribbon icon below the right corner of the video. The certificate will download to your computer.

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