Back to school for grown-ups!

No matter what our age, learning new skills and brushing up on our current skills is always a satisfying and valuable thing. And the perfect time to think of that is early autumn, when thoughts of school are in the air. Many adults carry that “back-to-school” feeling as summer winds to a close.  Don’t be left out – September can be a second chance to turn over a new page and begin a fresh “new” year.

If you want to jump on that back-to-school bandwagon, ESI EAP
has a wide range of learning benefits that you can explore. Just login to  to check out these great educational opportunities:

  • Personal & Professional Development Trainings – Over 8,000 free online personal & professional development trainings in multiple user-friendly formats on work skills, leadership, technology, safety, and more. Try micro-learning in short bursts with video lessons of 10 minutes or less, or deeper dives on key topics in eLearning of 30+ minutes. (Training Center)
  • Career & Education Resource Center – Links to resources for Career Exploration and Planning; Finding the Right College; The Cost of College – Financial Aid and Scholarships; Vocational, Military and Other Career Resources. (Resource Centers)
  • Financial Fitness Center – Learn about money matters from budgeting to investing, and explore 200 interactive tutorials to help you get instant, unbiased answers to all your common questions about money! (Personal Finance & Education Center)
  • Personal and Professional Coaching – One-to-one telephonic sessions with professional coaches on a variety of topics for work and home life. (800-252-4555)
  • Health & Wellness Videos – Explore hundreds of videos on various health topics and medical conditions. (Webinars & Videos)
  • Monthly Webinars –View both upcoming and archived topics. Earn certificates, or take them just for the sake of learning. (Webinars & Videos)


E-Learning Popular Picks

Check out a few popular picks from our 8,000+ E-Learning courses and trainings. Simply login at, click the “Training Center” icon and choose the “New & Improved Trainings” icon.

  • NEW! Cybersecurity Essentials for Employees | Course ID: SVL_073034
    21 minute video covering 6 key cybersecurity best practices to help protect your and your organization’s private information.
  • NEW! Workplace Hacks to Stay Positive and Avoid Burnout – Tips | Course ID: SVL_1020963
    4 minute video offering actionable ways to keep a positive, motivated attitude and avoid being overwhelmed.
  • Using Fire Extinguishers Effectively | Course ID: SVL_1026870
    8 minute video safety lesson about different types of fires and fire extinguishers, and how to use them. Useful info for work and home!

Delta Variant FAQs

The Delta Variant of Covid-19 is super contagious and accounts for most Covid-19 cases in the US. The best protection is to ensure that you are vaccinated. Also, in public places and crowds, rely on the Covid-19 best practices to ensure safety for you and others: masking, hand washing, and safe distancing. Here are a few helpful resources: | 800.252.4555

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