Hurricane Irma : preparation, tools & resources

It’s proving to be a tough year for record-breaking natural disasters. Right on the heels of Hurricane Harvey and the terrible Texas flooding, Hurricane Irma is bearing down hard on Florida. The monster storm has already taken a heavy toll on the Caribbean islands of Barbuda and St. Marten; thankfully, it has mostly skirted Puerto Rico. Florida has imposed mandatory evacuations in several areas of the state and is bracing for impact. Depending on the way the path breaks, the impact could also extend to coastal cities in other states. We’re compiling general Hurricane Irma resources, as well as specific information for Florida and will update resources over the course of the crisis.

Florida resources

Florida Emergency Information Line (FEIL) — 800-342-3557 – FEIL line is currently activated and available 24 hours/7 days a week.
Text FLPREPARES to 888777 to receive updates via text

General Hurricane Irma resources


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