Fire in haste, repent at leisure. We are taking some liberties here in summarizing the first in a series of four excellent videos by HR Daily Advisor Editor Stephen Bruce. Together, they serve as a primer (or a refresher) on everyone’s least favorite business responsibility: firing an employee. We were delighted to find these four clips on the blog, one of our regular reads. We’ve posted the first two here – you can click through for transcripts or to view the remaining two videos in the series.
HR Daily Advisor Firing 101 Part 1: Stop, Listen & Look
From a legal standpoint, terminations are the most dangerous actions managers take. In this video, HR Daily Advisor Editor Stephen Bruce talks about what you need to know to reduce your risk of lawsuits.

HR Daily Advisor Firing 101 Part 2—Investigate Before You Terminate
Firing an employee is a serious step. You may want to conduct an investigation to be sure of your position. In the second video of the Firing 101 series, Steve Bruce shares the key questions to ask. Look out for the next videos in our series: “Audit for fairness,” and “Let a group decide.”

Video clips and transcripts for parts 3 and 4 in the series can be viewed on the HR Daily Advisor site.

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