Mental Health Awareness

Often, when we feel fine and healthy, we take our mental health for granted. We just don’t think of it as an issue that affects us. Actually, mental illness impacts everyone directly or indirectly through family, friends, or coworkers. October 2nd–8th is Mental Illness Awareness Week, a good time to think about and focus on our own mental health.

The most common mental illness is major depression, affecting more than 16 million American adults each year. Why not take a quick, free, online Depression Screening on October 6th, National Depression Screening Day?  Just as you’d regularly screen for blood pressure, heart health, or any other illness, depression screenings should be a routine part of healthcare for you and your loved ones. The anonymous, confidential screening test is sponsored by Mental Health America.

About half of those who are affected by mental health avoid getting help for a variety of reasons, from worry about the stigma or the cost to not knowing how to find care. Your employer makes it easy for you to get quality mental health care through your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for you and your family:

  • Telephonic in-the-moment counseling from clinical professionals 24/7/365 for anxiety, depression, mental health issues, and more. Call our toll-free number day or night – 800.252.4555.
  • One-to-one professional coaching for stress management, resilience, and wellness issues. Call 800.252.4555 to talk about Coaching options.
  • Online self-help resources, assessments, and video courses for mental health issues. Login to and click on Emotional Wellbeing.

Year-End Budgeting

Between holiday celebrations and entertainment, holiday travel, and gift giving, the final few months of the year can get quite costly – and this year, high inflation is an added financial challenge. Our advice from the experts: Set a realistic holiday budget now and stick to it! Your EAP has tools to help you get through the holiday season when you log in to

  • Budgeting and Consumer Tools: Tools for Tough Times offers money-saving ideas and resources to do more with less. Also, access budgeting tools and calculators at the Personal Finance and Education Center.
  • Save Money: At your Lifestyle Savings Benefits, explore thousands of discounts, rewards, and perks in a variety of categories from your favorite brands.

Sharpen Your Skills!

Check out our comprehensive online training library! Many courses are in short micro-learning bursts you can take at your convenience. We add new topics every month. Log in at, click the “Training Center” icon and choose “Comprehensive Training library.”

  • NEW! Windows 11 Essentials | Course ID: SVL_205572
    Learn to personalize and customize settings and to find and use key tools, widgets and apps in this 32-minute video.
  • Safe Driving: Avoid Aggression | Course ID: SVL_1020018
    In this 8-minute video, learn what aggressive driving behaviors are, what to do if you encounter them, and how to reduce your own aggressive driving behavior.
  • Personal Financial Health: Budgeting Tips | Course ID: SVL_1020544
    Learn helpful budgeting tips, such as saving for the unexpected, holding yourself accountable, and keeping a positive attitude in this 7-minute video lesson.

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1. Open the camera app.
2. Select the rear-facing camera in Photo mode.
3. Center the QR code you want to scan on the screen
     and hold your phone steady for a couple of seconds.
4. Tap the notification that pops up to open the link.
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Don’t Forget!

EAP services are available to you and your household members as well as dependent children living away from home, up to age 26. 

Coming Soon!

In October we launch our redesigned Website (also known as our Self-Help Resource Center), with a fresh look, easier navigation and search, more user controls, new and updated videos, articles, and tools, including excellent new Learning Centers on popular topics. We can’t wait to share – we’ll remind you when it’s live!

Driver & Pedestrian Alert!

According to the Governors’ Highway Safety Association, U.S. pedestrian fatalities have spiked to the highest level in 40 years, accounting for 17% of all traffic-related fatalities. Most deaths are related to speeding and occur at night when visibility is poor. Be careful and be aware! Here are some driving safety resources.

Accessing Your EAP Training Center

 1. Go to and       
      click Employee and Family login.

2. If you’ve already created an           
     account, log in with your User       

3. If it’s your first time, click                   
     REGISTER to create your User 
     Name and Password. You only 
     need to register once.

4. Click the ‘Training Center’ and 
      then choose ‘Comprehensive 
      Training library

5. In the Search bar at the top of the 
     screen, type the course code or 
     search for a topic.

6. Click the course icon, and click the 
Play’ or ‘Start’ button to begin.

To get a certificate: View the course and take the quiz. Not all courses require a quiz, but if so, you must score at least 80% for a certificate. To get your certificate, click on the ribbon icon below the right corner of the video. The certificate will download to your computer. | 800.252.4555

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