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Mental health is always an important issue but never more so than now in Coronavirus time when everyone is coping with once-in-a-century stresses and pressures. In ordinary times, about 1 in 5 people need help for mental health issues. But according to the American Medical Association, at least 30 states are reporting spikes in fatal opioid overdoses and ongoing concern about mental illness or substance use disorders, all in connection with COVID-19. Some of the issues that people are coping with include health and safety concerns, both for themselves and their families:

• Loneliness and isolation related to social distancing
• Financial strain
• Loss and grief, from the death of loved ones to the everyday losses of familiar routines
• Work from home, childcare and other family dynamics.

Your EAP has a variety of excellent no-cost counseling services available to you and your family. Simply call our toll-free number day or night – 800.252.4555. All calls are answered by a counselor with advanced degrees and years of clinical experience. Most times, issues can be resolved in a call or two, but if you need ongoing help, we have a network of 40,000 counselors available either in person or via telehealth video and telephone counseling. We also offer a library of over 8,000 online trainings. Counselors regularly recommend these to help callers deal with underlying issues, such as financial management, conflict resolution, and stress management. These can help get to and resolve the root of the problem.

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E-Learning Popular Picks

Check out a few of our popular favorites this month from our 8,000+ new E-Learning courses and trainings. Simply login at www.theEAP.com/TotalCare-EAP, click the “Training Center” icon and choose the “New & Improved Trainings” icon.

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  • Improving your Workplace Communication – 8 mins.
    Course Code: SVL_102948
    Learn how to minimize miscommunications at work.
  • Suicide Intervention – 8 mins.
    Course Code: SVL_1020546
    Learn how to recognize when someone is struggling with suicidal thoughts.
  • Optimizing Time Spent on Email – 7 mins.
    Course Code: SVL_1020410
    Learn 12 critical tips for spending less time on email.


If you or a loved one are talking about or considering suicide, take action now. Get help! Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 



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