At George’s Employment Blawg, attorney Ellen Simon has a great post on stereotyping as discrimination. She notes that there have been numerous gender discrimination cases won by women and turns her sights to a recent, rare example of a successful gender stereotyping case filed by a male in Sassaman v. Gamache.
Fiona Gathwright at Corporate Wellness Insights posts about how Safeway’s wellness program cuts costs – while other employers have seen premiums increase by 38% over the past four years, Safeway has held costs level over the same period. Related: HR Daily Advisor featured two recent tips on building effective wellness programs: Effective Wellness Means Branding, Integration and Corporate Wellness—Real World ROI of ‘4 Plus 5’.
Ah, we’ve just learned that Evil HR Lady has an alter ego at U.S.News, where she also posts – go catch up on some of her great articles over there.
Visit last weeks’ Health Wonk Review over at Managed Care Matters to get a broad sampling of opinions on healthcare reform from the perspective of healthcare policy bloggers.
Ever had that disagreeable person in your group when you are giving a presentation or a training? Thoughts from Training Time offers some good tips on how to deal with disruptive trainees.
Wally Bock’s Three Star Leadership Blog is a frequent source of good business links and this week, is no exception – he points us to: Employees linking work, social media, an article about how some employers are dealing with policies related to web-based social media, and a post from an organizing expert with tips for decluttering your life.
Jay Shepherd of Gruntled Employees offers a swine flu prescription for employers: eliminate sick days.
The tough economy is forcing employers to make tough choices when it comes to benefits. Jeffrey Hirsch of Workplace Prof Blog posts about what some might arguably see as the unkindest cut of all.
Resources for your wellness program: Healthy Eats – a blog by a team of team of culinary and nutrition professionals offering healthy tips, nutrition news, low-calorie recipes and more, and Balanced Health & Nutrition – a blog by a registered dietitian offering food, nutrition and exercise information.


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