What do managers do, anyway? Casey Stengle defined management as “getting paid for home runs that someone else hits.” What’s your definition? Ask a Manager offers a breakdown of what managers are responsible for.
Give this man a job for a weekOne Week Job – Sean Aiken is attempting to work 52 jobs in 52 weeks and blog the results. He says he will travel anywhere and invites employers to hire him for a week.
One of our favorite stops – Susan Heatherfield always has well-researched information on her Human Resources blog on about.com. This week, she experienced a nearby tornado and used the occurrence as a springboard to discuss the importance of every workplace having an emergency plan. A timely post as it coming as it does in the midst of hurricane season and on the heels of the California fires.
Health & Wellness – Nursing Online Educational Database offers a list of the top 100 health and wellness blogs.
The Visual Medical Dictionary is an interesting way to explore medical issues. Enter a disease, therapy or drug and begin exploring relationships.
Love me, love my candidate – as we gear up to the upcoming election year, it might be helpful to think about how politics can affect things at work. Scott Flander of Human Resource Executive discusses potential impact on the work force when the boss talks politics. Also, see our past post on When politics spills over into the workplace.
MulticulturalismThe Multicultural Advantage looks to be a good resource. It offers ” … a wealth of articles, job opportunities, event listings, research, tools, downloads, links and other resources for professionals from diverse backgrounds. The site also addresses the needs of diversity recruiting and workplace diversity professionals who are seeking to reach & understand them.”
Communication – The American Sign Language Dictionary is a great visual learning tool. Pick a word from an alphabetized list to view a short video clip of someone making the sign for that word. It’s both useful and rather fun.


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