Hip-hop harassment – At Jottings by an Employer’s Lawyer, Michael Fox discusses a recent $15.5 million court decision in a sexual harassment and gender discrimination suit against The Source, a prominent hip-hop publication. The suit was filed by Kim Osorio, the former editor in chief, who was fired because she refused to drop her complaints against the publication. The defense essentially amounted to “it goes with the territory,” but the court decided otherwise.
Halloween at work – At George’s Employment Blog, George posts about Halloween in the workplace. Does your organization encourage Halloween frivolity? Here’s a nice tale of how some nurses celebrate Halloween at work. William Wyberg of the Des Moines Register discusses some local workplaces that celebrate Halloween and offers employees some tips for appropriate costumes. And Joni Lucas of HR Magazine offers her tips on Halloween Parties: A Tricky Treat – office parties. Here are some truly gruesome recipes should you opt for the party route. On second thought, they aren’t very PC, but we couldn’t resist passing them along.
Learning from GoogleHRMarketer examines ways that Google is honing its hiring practices as it grows, drawing lessons for other employers in how to expeditiously build a talent pool.
Keeping workers safeWorkplace Prof Blog posts about the Top 10 Violated OSHA Standards. Wonder how you stack up? Here’s a tool so you you can learn the most frequently violated OSHA standards for your business size and industry class.
Friday FMLA fun – How well do you know the law? Take the Family Medical Leave Act Quiz.
Are you a bad boss? – Are you trying to be friends with the people you manage? If so, you top the list of Bosses’ 10 biggest sins as revealed in a recent survey of 900+ employees. Take the quiz to see how good a boss you are.
Texas non-compete agreements – At HR Lawyers Blog, Chris McKinney discusses a recent Texas Supreme Court decision that changes the nature of non-compete agreements.


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