How secure is your employee data? – Diane Pfadenhauer of Strategic HR Lawyer discusses how data for 60,000 Starbucks employees is missing. Corporate security breaches of confidential employee records are becoming increasingly common – how secure are your organization’s employment records?
Good new blog find – We recently discovered a great new blog called Gruntled Employees by Jay Shepherd, CEO of a Boston law firm that specializes in employment issues. Check out some recent posts we enjoyed: The Cost of Employee Turnover and Workplace romance: love affairs and lawsuits. We’ll be adding this blog to our sidebar.
What the voters want at the workplace – Brent Hunsberger of The Oregonian’s At Work blog discusses some initiatives that recently passed at the polls: six states approve minimum-wage hikes and San Francisco voters embrace mandatory paid sick days.
What do you love about HR? – This amusing video parody lampoons the benefits of a career in human resources.
Top HR concerns – Are compliance issues your biggest worry? If so, you aren’t alone. George’s Employment Blawg discusses a recent compilation of surveys that amalgamate the top concerns of HR practitioners.
Compliance – Speaking of compliance, do you need a source to check for and order your state’s mandatory posting requirements? Try Labor Law Poster.
Bullies at workWorkplace Prof Blog discusses a recent study about bullies in the workplace. ” … bullied employees likened their experiences to a battle, water torture, a nightmare or a noxious substance. Understanding the seriousness of workplace bullying and what it feels like to get bullied could help managers put the brakes on the behavior, shown to afflict 25 to 30 percent of employees sometime during their careers.”


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