Predict What Employees Will Do Without Freaking Them Out
John Boudreau: “But companies are looking beyond cost savings—to driving outcomes. HR predictive analytics is touted as transforming HR from retrospective and reactive administrative reporting to strategically integrated modeling to predict behaviors, attitudes and capabilities that drive tangible organizational outcomes. Some evidence shows a correlation between HR predictive analytics and organizational performance.”

5 big trends shaking up the job market
“The job market is not exactly smokin’ hot, but it’s an improvement over recent years. Let’s zoom out a bit. Here are five important trends in the labor market that you should be thinking about beyond the monthly unemployment figure.”

Report: Temp jobs at all-time high in U.S.
“A record 2.8 million Americans are working in temporary help jobs, according to a new report by the National Employment Law Project, a non-profit organization that advocates for low-wage and unemployed workers. … temp jobs make up 2 percent of total employment in the U.S, the highest percentage ever.”

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Brace Yourself For Gen Z
Suzanne Lucas (AKA Evil HR Lady): “A new survey says that today’s teens, also known as Generation Z, have some very distinct ideas about what they expect in a job. Are you prepared?”

ERISA: A landmark law at 40: How well is it protecting workers’ retirements?
Mark Miller: “Since ERISA’s passage, we have seen a profound shift from defined benefit pensions to defined contribution plans, mainly 401(k)s. Pensions are a promise by employers of lifetime income in retirement; 401(k)s are a promise to contribute a certain amount to your account while you are working.
Evidence is mounting that we need to get focused on income again.”

The One Word Men Never See In Their Performance Reviews
Kathleen Davis: “There’s one adjective that’s never used to criticize men, yet it shows up at an alarming rate in women’s performance reviews.”

Workplace stress ‘destructive’ for productivity
Employees suffering from high levels of work related stress have lower engagement, are less productive and have higher absentee levels than their peers, according to research from professional services firm Towers Watson.

Perception of Control Helps Determine Resiliency
Rick Nauert: “Discovering why some bad news makes one person work harder while other disappointing news causes someone else to quit or give up is the topic of a new research study. In the new study, researchers found different outcomes may result from how much control we feel we have over what happened. ”

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