ComplianceWhen Employers Have an Obligation to Report Crimes – Daniel Schwartz – Connecticut Employment Law Blog
Excerpt: “There will likely come a time at some point at your company where someone, somewhere will do something really stupid. And perhaps its even something you believe might be criminal.It may be someone popular. Or someone really productive, like your top salesperson. / And you’ll probably only learn about it through a coincidence, like a co-worker walking by an employee’s cubicle unexpectedly and seeing what could be child pornography on the employee’s computer screen. / What happens next could be the difference between becoming the next Penn State or the next company you’ve still never heard of. ”
FMLAFMLA guarantee of reinstatement is never absolute – Jon Hyman – Ohio Employer’s Law Blog
Excerpt: “Notifying an employee of a termination the day he or she returns from FMLA leave is a risky proposition. It will likely draw a lawsuit. The key to winning the lawsuit is having a legitimate and documented reason to support the termination.”
ConflictHow to bury the hatchet with an office enemy – Denis Wilson – Fortune
Excerpt: “You may have your doubts about whether making nice with a heated rival is realistic. However, Freeman suggests the power of open communication and good listening is real. Consider the motto of the New York Police Department’s Hostage Negotiation Team: Talk to me. “If [they] can convince someone with a gun to the head of a child to reach a peaceful resolution, there may be more hope than you first think.”
WellnessMy Family Health Portrait
Excerpt: The Surgeon General’s “My Family Health Portrait” is an internet-based tool that makes it easy for you to record your family health history. The tool is easy to access on the web and simple to fill out. It assembles your information and makes a “pedigree” family tree that you can download. It is private–it does not keep your information. It gives you a health history that you can share with family members or send to your health care practitioner.
Work / LifeHow Dad-Friendly Is Your State? Report Grades Paid-Leave Policies for New Dads – Laura Walter, EHS Today
Excerpt: “Dads Expect Better: Top States for New Dads,” a special report compiled by the National Partnership for Women & Families, offers a state-by-state analysis of state laws and regulations governing paid leave and workplace rights for new fathers (and new mothers) in the United States.
ValuesWhy companies must stop office bullying – Suzanne Lucas, MoneyWatch
Excerpt: “So when you have a bully in the office, it’s not just the target that feels uncomfortable — so do other employees, who often feel empathy for the person being pushed around and feel that the treatment is morally wrong. People also don’t like working for a boss who allows, encourages, or engages in immoral behavior.”
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